Friday, December 12, 2014

The Fermi Question Through Science Fiction

There are sometimes some scenarios that are just fascinating to imagine through the use of sci-fi; we all know that Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clark are one of the classical authors that we can found in today's cosmology mythos and applications.

Just to say the word Parsec; but also beyond the realm of literature we also have shows as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Firefly and the Star Wars movies, just to name a few. The central idea of the Fermi Paradox consist on how there are contradictions between human life versus the probability of contact and life in the universe.

The probabilities lay on chaos, entropy, second law of thermodynamics as well the dynamics of the different star systems. There has to be an answer somewhere, as there had been findings of microorganisms on meteorites, but yet the probability of finding intelligent life seems to be so minuscule.

As writer Robert J. Sawyer said "A hundred years ago, we didn't even had airplanes, - and now we have space shuttles, and interplanetary probes, suppose it takes an additional hundred years.- That can become a reality, but the idea is to pave a cosmic way back and forth through the different planets and systems, in order to facilitate the exploitation of resources and economical trades between the different colonies; as we as a community we would like to prosper but without falling into the Asimov Galactic Empire Paradox, were any kingdom is destined to be doomed.

Let's assume that even with the irregular patterns in our universe, there is nothing atypical and Earth is just a young planet that was lucky enough to form between all the chaos, and subsequently to form life. We are just a mere cosmic mistake, lucky enough to be here, but yet naive enough to explain that we are special and that any deity has a plan for us.

Let's keep the assumption that there is nobody else who can be considered intelligent on the universe, that we are the prime species and from a biology and evolutionary point of view, there is a diverse sets of ecosystems that create a paradigm between Earth and the beyond, but that can supply of us of an unlimited potential of natural resources and improve the people conditions that colonize the habitable planets for humans.

Then from that theory, we can assume that the planets we colonize aren't in the need of terraforming, which we would have to synthesize microbial life that can be introduced on optimal conditions, be fast enough to reproduce, cover the whole planet volume and develop oxygen in order for the planet to be habitable; that if, the planet atmosphere and nucleus won't reject the process and we can land there and create outpost and cities. Let's imagine that other species had done this over the last billion of years, but why they haven't reach the Virgo Cluster.?
There had to be different aspects in order to make the planet habitable and to create routes of commerce and navigation through the cosmos, but if the hypothetical aliens did this, then they had to found a way to spot us, but yet unless you a are a believer of the Reptilians Overlords named the Anunaki, you can say that aliens are already here.

Then after that, they had to found a way to travel to space that is far faster than light, that will preserve the bodies, that won't use an intergenerational travel and that will assure the travelers will reach in a proper time. 

An article on the Physical Review Letters  pointed that based on data, that probably there was a mass extinction on the universe because of Gamma Ray Bursts around 5 gigayears ago; preventing life formation for around 5 billion years; yet, within tragedy there has to be a civilization that survived that mass extinction event; yet it is not know, but on a case of these GRB there is no possibility that life could be saved due the ionization of the planets, we are talking if there is an exoplanet that can shield life as Earth. We are here, on the outskirts of the galaxy, around 27,000 light years away from the center.

Time Lords
As Dr. Hawkins expressed  our life is short because are chemical based, but if we managed to reintroduce the species, taking out the destruction we had caused, we can extend our life-spans almost indefinitely and colonize the cosmos. If we could genetically engineer humans we will essentially be Time Lords, the millennial race from Dr. Who who conquered time travel and space.

The concept of us, being the first Time Lords sound a little bit unreasonable, and we could be the beta intelligent species that would be around the universe; exploring everything, because we will be able to regenerate and become different beings but essentially be the same. All of these by letting our own DNA rewrite itself at the moment of our deaths.

Yet, due the basic principles of chaos and entropy as well evolutionary biology, we will change depending of the ecosystems of the different planets, but be able to regenerate we will let us and our children to live more than a 100 years and overcome diseases

Science fiction probably had tried to explain the lack of incidence on why we haven't found concrete evidence of outer life. Probably because we are all the Gods themselves, maybe because of a mass extinction event or just because we are far away from what life could be just by being a lucky cosmic mistake.