Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Beauty of Growing Up is To See the How Strong We Are

We learn to be responsible of our own actions, and we learn how to face the consequences of our decisions. As I get older, I realized even with all the problems that we face in life, life itself is not that bad and it can take a lot of effort for you to be assertive and happy with yourself.

It is easy to say it, than to do it, and everyone has their own insecurities but there are ways to overcome them. Also, there are people who no matter what, are going to be miserable with their own existence because they don't know anything else.

Growing and learning are intrinsically united, and learning how to live with the past is an essential component to feel comfortable with your own skin and life. There will be moments, when you feel that you are stuck in a one way lane, is only up to you to find the strength to move forward and you will have really amazing people around you, that will support you without any conditions.

Unconditional support is a key element, that you will know you will have someone special on your side; it can come from anyone, from friends to co-workers. Those are the people that will become your family and the people you should value, because there is no significant aspect in life that can equal to "I'll be there you."

Also, there is no price whenever you can say "I can do it, and I will finish it." As every year pass, you will be your own best friend and will be your own support, and you should be your own best reason to never surrender in life, because you are here and even fro a cosmological point of view we can be just a mere evolutionary mistake, we are here and we should make it count.

2014 was the year where I finally said "I am happy with who I am," It took me 30 years to say those words; but, also I finally became comfortable with who I am, and I am just human, with all my faults, I am just human. Some people forget that, that we are humans and because the nature of their egos they think they are better than anyone else, or think they are above the law.

It takes a lot to face the world, and it can be overwhelming; you don't need to fear when there is nothing to fear. Probably the biggest gift I got every year, is that I am being loved; and everybody whose intentions and soul are noble shouldn't be punished for who he or she is. I don't need anything material for Christmas, I have everything I wanted in life since I was younger.

I wish you the best not only for next year, but also for the rest of your lives; live fully, as if you were living your last day. Know and treasure the people, who truly love you. Because, those are the elements that can surpass any Christmas gift, and make any day special.

To anyone who read this, you have a friend in me.