Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pam Bondi and Rick Scott An Open Invitation To My Wedding

Hate is a strong word; but is someone who knows Pam Bondi, I want to let her known that I will find a way to send her and Rick Scott, personal address as well work addresses.

The reason, I am sending this openly is to show there are fields to make amendments and to show there is room to move forward.

In 2008 I moved from Colombia to Florida; against my will, as I wanted to move to NYC or California; my parents decided that it was the best for me to live with a so called relative that they never met; because according to my mother, she thought "that homosexuals were full of AIDS, and they were second class citizens," she didn't knew how much on those six months; all because my parents, were convinced that being in a house, with a marriage who'd been together for 30 years was for my best. Bullshit.

I suffered discrimination, I became homeless and I had another episode of depression. One of many, that came back and forth, all because my parents actions. I came to be free, because I believe the American Dream is alive in the hearts of the people who came and are living here; but on 2008, with the Amendment 2 which defined family; I also feel ashamed Charlie Crist but he has shown that you can evolve your views and closed minded

You are on your third marriage; I am going on my first; I would say I am nervous, because I am on my first, but I guess you are a pro of being in your third, and be able to say you defend the sanctity of marriage and traditional values; but Attorney General, what is the sanctity of marriage.? When you are on your third, and what are traditional values.? When we are not in the Post-War America, and we are on a point where not even close to the days of the patriarchal society. Who knows,? live and let live, especially when you biased your point of views based on your religious belief and not on defending the best interest of the people you represent.

Maybe, the people you represent are some of the narrowest minded individuals who voted for you; but yet we are in the segment of the population that are under your wing. If you or Rick don't do any low movement, I would say I will go to Tallahassee and give you, using the proper channels an invitation to my big, fabulous, interracial, bi-national gay wedding that I hope it will be at Magic Kingdom on Gay Days; because let's face it, what more fabulous can be to have a bunch of bears singing a jamboree, a wedding on the happiest place on Earth.? Finding forgiveness to the people you hurt and making peace with your enemies.