Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Before The Sun Dies (A Short Story)

Before The Sun Dies (A Short Story)
By: Gustavo Simmons

Maybe, we are all the beta race.? Who knows,? there is a vast number of planets, but yet we are all alone. The universe is such a beautiful place between the chaos, yet, there is some silence on the cold outskirts of the solar system.

The panorama in the International Space Station was quite somber; as the search for life beyond the boundaries were scarce. Laika was watching El Gordo, and realized that the days of humanity were counted, as the possibility of finding an exo-planet were minimal, because the quality of planets sustaining life were almost non-existent.

The idea of traveling through the "star-gates" was just a mere science fiction idea, you can't travel faster than light, the bodies die, there were generations lost on mother ships (as well they develop into inbreeds.)

Galaxies were dying, by the explosions of quasars, planets were dying, all because of the chain reaction within the nuclei of the galaxies, or maybe because the universe was finally dying, a slow death that not anyone could had predicted.

She was watching almost every galaxy on sight, die through the use of Keppler 2. It was a sad scenario, because any prospect of survival was a fantasy. Even the mission to Mars left the U.S.A government into a debt that never recovered, and the life of 75 colonist were lost in the red planet.

Laika was thinking, how much the humanity dreamed and how much the humanity lost. Her attention switched to Mars, and send the telescope to look at it. She looked into the failed mission on the Arcadia quadrangle, and she saw that the structures were still intact, and even one rocket from the NASA was still intact after almost 75 years later.

It was just a moment of time, where she remembered that all the steps humanity took, could be lost in a blink of an eye. Our days could be numbered, and at the end there was nothing about us.

The station crew saw another explosion, coming from the Phoenix cluster. They were just impressed on how the chaos was unfolding; Laika was thinking if maybe in the past, almost five billion of years ago, there was another mass extinction event, that ended life.? Maybe humanity, was just a lucky mistake in the cosmic plan.

Maybe, humans weren't supposed to be there, but one way or the other life just spurs in between the destruction. Is a natural law, as seedlings grow in the middle of a fire and people learn to live after a tragedy; but what if soon there was no tomorrow.?

Humanity would be whipped in the blink of an eye, and they wouldn't be a memory within someone else; but who knows maybe the universe would re-start life, and the eternal question would began, - if there are more of us, in the immeasurable regions of space.? -
Maybe another race, are thinking - where is everyone.? -and aren't getting any reply either. Maybe Asimov dreamed about a Galactic Empire, and Enrico was right. We are just alone.

A long wave gamma ray, suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Laika knew that was her end, as the space station vaporized in the middle of the nothingness, killing every single trooper aboard.

It takes one minute to dream, six hours to visualize it and just a day to forget it. And, as soon we evolved and grew, we realize that the complexity of the universe if far sadder than beautiful, as we were once a dream in someone's else head, and as that person woke up, we were forgotten.