Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Melancholy of A Cold Turkey

People live bounded to traditions, in fact humanity lives bounded to traditions; is a fact, we are creatures of habits, since our birth until we die. I always see a turkey as a cold animal, nothing interesting at all, and extremely difficult to cook as well to bland to eat, even in a sandwich with a lot of mustard.

I've never really celebrated Thanksgiving; is not that I have the melancholy of a cold turkey, or that I am keen to traditions, I am probably just me, I am not really attached to certain tradition, beyond waking up and having a liquid breakfast; more than that point I am a creature who really don't observe too much of anything. Albeit, I tend to watch other peoples' habits.

Over the last luster of living in the United States, I keep watching a similar pattern - people try to compensate oblivion over the relationships they have; it could be family, friends. They could be affected by work, at the end, people just try to create a memorable moment, because they simply forget how to deal with people; as well, they aren't thankful with what they have in their lives, and they just try  to make an over the top dinner that doesn't say anything, or have any meaning. - This year, I will order a pizza, nothing fancy.

A turkey represents thankfulness; how can a bird, who gets fat, who aren't agile, who don't have the instincts and get killed to feed people who only see each other once a year can represent thankfulness.? Maybe, there are some exceptions, there are people who can only see each other once a year and they try to create a memento, is quite noble; but for every exception there are a lot of fakers.

What I am thankful for, don't require a fancy dinner that I can't afford; I am always thankful for being enough strong, to pursue my happiness, even with the sacrifices. For being alive, as not many people really keep living. For the friends, the few ones I have (Facebook friends, and a long ass list doesn't count,) as I can count them with my 10 fingers, and for the people who became family.

A turkey for me doesn't really represent anything; neither in Colombia, I followed any traditions as when I gained my reason. Probably I do have some of the melancholy, a part of me wants to grab a little piece of the turkey and satisfy my social expectations, to enjoy them in a group.