Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Silent Age Game Review Episode One

Intro Screen

This game is actually one of those little gems that you can find  without too much fanfare; and it can captivate you because of the simple but linear story-line towards an unwanted time traveler named Joseph.

Menu Screen
The game was originally released on 2013, and is multi-episodic, the second episode was on October 16th of 2014;.

The story takes place on 1972, before a cataclysm wiped life on Earth. The player started the story as Joe, a concierge in a big corporation named Archon, that its role is not given properly on the first chapter about what the corporation does.

As the day of Joe progress he is promoted without any warning and gains access to the lower levels of the corporation where he founds a strange person that was wounded by an unknown origin, and also who claims is a time traveler from the future; but dies moment later just after giving to Joe his portable time machine.

From that point, there is an adventure where Joe realizes the cataclysm that killed much of the population happened on the same day he met the time traveler, and that the place he works could be responsible for the massacre.

Joe and his Boss Mr Hill
The graphics of the game are retro, much as the 1970's Art Deco graphic style, that could be found in advertisment and on every other cartoon that was produced with the rise of that artistic movement, that influenced not only the decoration of the homes of many people, but also the world of art.

The fine and defined lines, as well the bright colors mixed with a gloomy melancholia, gives the game an eerie sensation that something is wrong with the world but yet there is beauty behind creation and destruction.

As the player progress there are some time skips, where Joe after realizing he only has a few hours to prevent and find a solution; but yet he found himself on a certain place in time, almost 50 years later after humanity died and nature took her place again in between all the destruction. He started to question how he ended there,? as well how to go back.? But, he also started to question the nature of humanity by interacting with the corpses in the scenario.

Escaping from the Abandoned Police Headquarters
The game difficulty, for being a puzzle-adventure game, where is mostly a point-an-click game can be quite challenging because of the different time interactions; but, the game episodes are way too short leaving some gaps on the story progression.

The gameplay has a whole is quite mesmerizing, because just with the animation itself that compose the game gives a player a visual perspective, almost on the verge that defies the theory that video games can be pieces of art, due the art nouveu elements; as well the fluidity of the programming.

I would recommend this episodic game because it's beautiful, and quite enjoyable to play, it can be found in the iTunes by US$4.99.