Friday, October 3, 2014

The Importance of Being Banksy, and Why He Is Need it as Symbol of the Counter Culture

Bansky Migrant Mural 2014
With today oversensitive people as well governments who see terrorists on every corner, and even in their national borders, is almost impossible to do a form of protest without having the cops all over the protesters and accusing them of perturbing the order. At the end, what the hell would be a protest where the national order as well the world order is questioned to achieve an equal treatment.

Recently as 10/03/2014 a mural of Bansky, the one depicted in the upper graphic was erased in the town of Clacton because it was hurting the sensitives of the people, as some people complaint that it was racist and offensive.

But, racist and offensive are two realities that are lived in England towards immigrants from Africa as well Asia; and we can relate to North America, within the message of the graffiti, because there is a sentiment of supremacist that immigrants from Latin countries, as well Africa, Asia and Oceania aren't welcomed, because they are foreigners.

"Keep the worms to us" is a slogan that can be adapted into one that we'd seen here in North America "Keep jobs to Americans", the birther or national sentient that has invaded the most red demographics shows how wrong the country has turned; and also it goes for England and other first world countries that suppress any individuals who are aspiring for a dream and to make a life that they couldn't achieve on their birth countries.

The bird on the right, is relegated to be by him or herself; because adapting to a society that is full of prejudice can be problematic; but yet, the problem goes beyond because who dares to fight against the status-quo can expect the worse.

Why do we need Bansky, or people that are centered on the ideology of counterculture and subversion.?  Because otherwise there won't be any form of expression that can move the masses; there won't be communication, it will be suppressed, and problems such as racism, political suppression or the perpetuation of the status-quo that no one would be able to become someone because of the socio-economical status that they were born; it's quite a complex topic, but yet this form of free speech, mixed with street art and social activism hits on the fiber of society, because if you don't offend no one, then you are not doing your job well.

The sensitive aspect of the counterculture goes into placing the problems everyone else ignores, or takes as taboo into the public spotlight. Probably that's the reason why Banksy has become an such an icon worldwide and also one of the many symbols of the ideological revolution that is looking for a better change, or maybe at the end just some exposition to spread his message... I would love to meet the person behind the art one day, to interview him or her.