Sunday, September 21, 2014

Games for the iPad Goblin Sword Review

When I first saw Goblin Sword on the Apple Store, my first thoughts were "This game is cheap, I am going to get it." I can't regret getting the game, because is old school almost in the same reminiscent as the Nintendo and Sega platforms; and has that replay value, that those games had.

Why to play with nostalgia as a factor.? Because the X Generation as well a segment within the Baby Boomers are technologically keen, and they were users of the Nintendo, Playstation as well other first generation consoles almost 20 and 30 years ago; which games as this one appeals to that demographic.
The player takes the role of an unnamed hero, as the story place the player in an unnamed land that has been barred with hordes of monsters. Through the different world, the hero will uncover treasures as well upgrade his weapons and house.

The game difficulty is quite hard for being a side-scroller, 2D platform; it could be also on the sensitivity of the controllers as they are linked to the touch screen of the iPad; albeit the difficulty factor involves mostly with the bosses as not much it is with the different scenarios.

The Samurai Roman Soldier Werewolf 
The pattern of the bosses attacks aren't difficult to figure out, but yet the speed as they move can be quite tricky to give them a proper hit to damage them, they will hit you back really fast.

The scenarios are quite spectacular, they have that old school charm with the simplicity and difficulty, making them treacherous to navigate if you don't have the proper equipment.

Goblin Sword is highly recommended for the iPad users, because for a really well made game is also price wise cheap one, only ¢.99 and it's long enough to keep the players amused.