Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brett Gleason Album Review

Brett Gleason Album Cover
His voice is just delightful and unique, as well as his stage presence.  There is something about Brett Gleason's voice, that is distinctive, is raspy and deep, it is easy to identity and enjoy.

Brett's music is really of his own, some people had compared him with Tori Amos, probably on the use of the piano and the execution of melancholy tunes.

The resonance of his music strikes on the inner conflicts of human being, and the personal battles everyone faces with society and with our own self. Music as a form of a art, let the listener see the struggles and emotions of the composers.

Layer after layer, with the warped organ and the melancholic tones, but yet powerful melodies that show the inner emotional struggles. Humanity always dabbles in between social interactions and personal moments. There is always a struggle in between our own mind and soul, about the place what we have in this planet, as well who we are.

As an artist, there is a rich meaning behind his lyrics as they show some of his humanity and what he had lived. Below are the track list of Brett's album; as well in the link, you will be redirect it to buy his album:

Track list:

The Worst Part
I Am Not
The Thawing
Futile and Fooled
Idealize the Dead