Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Year Later: Tapped Out Vs. Quest For Stuff A Review of Two Freemius

Special Intro Screen: Quest for Stuff- Comic Con Event
Tampa, (Fl) -- There are plenty of freemius around the different platforms; much of them can be related to Candy Crush and essentially any Zynga product.

Both of these games, appeared on the market a while ago, and while many bloggers as well other people rushed to made reviews about the games, I opted to wait a little bit longer and enjoy the games and see the differences.

I've been playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out for about two years, the first freemium that I didn't found obnoxious as Candy Crush or Farmville and its infinite clones.

Family Guy: Quest for Stuff, got my attention, albeit I really didn't expected anything within the word novelty for Quest for Stuff. The game itself is charming and it can be seen as an uncensored version of the eponymous television show.

Tapped Out, Special Intro Screen - Clash of the Clones
The premise of both games is essentially the same. As both games start with the destruction of the respective cities in the hands of the main character. Homer melted Springfield; and, Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken destroyed Quahog during on their fights.

Is the job of the player to restore both cities to their former glories.

Both games have the original voices of several of their main characters, as well locations and premium items. One big difference, is that Quest for Stuff is capitalized to squeeze the players money, as one of the firs missions is to buy US$4.99 of clams (the game currency), while Tapped Out don't have such a stater mission.

Continuing with the premium trend, Quest for Stuff offers more useless items in their premium menu, such as a flower that looks as Stewie or palm trees that don't help to improve the job ratings. Probably the appeal of Quest for Stuff after all this time, lays on the commonality that fans have towards Seth McFarlane creation.
Quahog invaded by mutant Stewie

The dispute between if the originality of Family Guy against all the allegations that it has ripped elements from The Simpsons as well other television shows is extremely evident on the freemium game.

The problem is, that the freemium model as its with these two games is not new, the model was placed by Farmville almost a decade ago where the player could buy premium items, as well engage in events during the holidays and special seasons.

Tapped Out, stands out from the freemiums because on the special events wherever they had introduced a new character, they tie in the character into the mainstream universe of the show. An aspect that Quest for Stuff fails into bring new players as well to make the Family Guy more interesting.

The aspect of reinvention that  The Simpsons has developed due the creative team, is remarkable, as they know how to keep the show fresh almost 3 decades later. Which bring to the question beyond the game, what show will be there when The Simpsons ends.? Family Guy is not going to be, even if it has in own spot on the Americana culture.

Reward System in Tapped Out
Also, in Tapped Out there is a reward system, where the player will get money and at the end of the week he or she can get a Mystery Box which could include special prizes or just regular items of the game.

Quest for Stuff doesn't offer this either, as it focus mostly on daily tasks, which whenever the player finish the quests of the main stories after any minor or major update it don't give a replay value.

Probably, the key aspect to make Quest for Stuff more interesting could be on the replay value. Due it could find ways to make the player want more without pushing them to spend extra money, unless there is a special event on the horizon. It's almost a similar case with Candy Crush; a clone of Tetris, and the game itself is not complex, it's just to solve the puzzles and the players have five continues that renew every half an hour.

Simplicity could be the key, as these kind of games don't have to be fancy or bring any famous household names. Candy Crush is the main example that reached popularity over the last luster.

It was mentioned previously, that it's just a puzzle game, but due the simple gameplay it makes the player to crave for more.  The success lays on simplicity, as many players of freemius are casual and not hardcore, some of them are even willing to spend money if they find the game interesting.