Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why I am Against SNAPS and WIC, and Why this Inequality Will Lead to an Inner Social Social War of the Classes in America

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I always believe that the government sponsored programs can be beneficial, if the families and individuals don't abuse them.

Then, there is the other side of the spectrum were people just find a way of life with these programs. We as people we can't be dependent of the government as an overly attached girlfriend is to her boyfriend of the day.

We as people, we should find a way to restructure what we have, and find a way to boost the different States local economies without an overly dependence of Walmart or other chains. The solution of the problem sounds easier than placing it into the practice, yet the hypothesis can be another story.

The money of the EBT cards is not from the government, and is a money that won't be invested for the improvement of the communities, is a money from private banks such as Chase, who are executing the control, or lobbying to their own interests by feeding the people. Due my line of work, I usually observe the trends of the shopper and I can infer what social class they belong.

It's quite terrible that the African and Hispanic minorities are the ones affected the most, but much of the customers that I see on this group feel proud  of the food stamps; then, there is another group of people, a more affluent one who drive Escalades as well BMW's but yet show no remorse of using the cards as well.

I am not scared of the so called international enemies, or as many conservator call them "terrorists", I am scared of a horde of hungry people taking the cities, but I am scared of the ignorance of the masses that think the solution comes from politicians. That is probably the aspect everyone should be scared of society, an ignorant person thinking he or she is right and feeling proud of those assistance.

Why I am saying this.? I have several anecdotes, one of them is last week the usual couponers were paying and complaining that the EBT was their own money, I wanted to scream at them "is not, and you shouldn't have it as you are teaching your children a way of perpetuate the ignorance statement that the government has to give you everything without you working your ass."

The EBT and the attitudes of the people, show that society has fallen into a self entitled perception that they are the supreme beings of the country and everyone has to give them tribute, just because they are existing. The newer generation aren't being taught how to be self reliant, it made me wonder why I a seventeen year old who clearly has the latest iPhone needs an EBT card,? or why a cardiologist who is in her uniform needs the WIC benefits.? While you can listen to their conversations about their wonderful lives.

If the government did background checks to every applicant, there wouldn't be such as mess, as is completely unfair that some people are suffering and some others are abusing this system. The consequences of having a society that is dependent, will make the country go into into ruins.