Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As with the Cultural Identity of a Hispanic Man, Marco Rubio's Pitch Don't Reflect Hispanics or the Middle Class

As many children and different immigrants, as the moment the have to relate to their family history, where they can deny about their roots or just sweetening the entire truth in order to gain adepts, all of this depending on the position of interest; in this case, politics.

Marco Rubio doesn't reflect the reality of many Hispanic immigrants, as well he doesn't know what is really to be a member of a community that has suffered through discrimination because they aren't born in the United States, as well the struggles into getting a job or being treated fairly.

One of the first fallacies that Marco Rubio presents it's his lack of denial or contradiction. As is with this article of the Washington Post, the version he gave about his family history was extra compelling, especially when he rose to prominence on 2009 by competing with back then Republican governor Charlie Crist.

Then his second fallacy continues towards on how he changes the truth, talking about his parents were peasants as it was expressed on the edition of  06/27/14 of the Miami Herald, "There was once a time when people like my parents, with limited formal education could still find jobs that paid enough to make it to the middle class."  Where in reality his parents had some degree of education and as many immigrants struggled to make it here in the country.

Even if he goes on the Republican nomination for 2016, there is no way Latino voters who actually followed his trajectory will consider him seriously. As he's been using Florida residents to humanize his ideas. Such as it was exposed on the Miami Herald, edition 06/27/14 where he placed a single mother of two to explain his childcare tax credits ideas and the creation of a Flex Fund (which I have to say it doesn't sound as bad idea, if a solution is found in order to avoid any medication fraud, as well any Medicaid related frauds that are common in Florida.)

One of the ideas that Rubio had exposed, and it could be a pivotal if he gets the nomination for 2016 is a reform in education what he calls "Student Investment Plans," in which he changes from a private firm to a public fund that would be destined to improve the quality of living on a nation scale, then his plan could work and won't benefit a private entity.

The problem with Rubio it is his credibility as instead of representing the people, he has opposed into the increasing of the federal minimum wage; arguing that it would cost jobs. The basis of argument if is not about loosing jobs, median class can't leave with US$7.50 an hour and there hasn't been other viable solutions over the years.

In Florida where the prices of land are expensive as well the cost of living is relative high opposite to low salary that is in the State. Still, Rubio's speech has been accepted enthusiastically by conservatives who are willing to expand the party's reach.

Rubio's with his contradictory family and his views about what is to be an immigrant, as well immigration don't reflect the reality many are living. As he sees immigrants as potential voters, as well families of illegal immigrants. As analyzing his logic, every-time he wants to approach to the Presidential aspiration or election times.