Friday, August 8, 2014

An Open Letter to Pam Bondi

Dear Attorney General of Florida;

You probably won't read this, but there are plenty of other people who will. My name is Gustavo, or Gus for short; I am 30 years old and for the last six years I've been living in Florida, which also my time in Florida is annexed to my time in general in the United States. First of all, who do you dare to say and speak against marriage equality.? While both of your marriage lasted least than five years, the first one only two and the second one barely three years; and now you are going on your third one.

There is no sanctity on what you are doing, and is not very different from Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears or my cousin Carlos Martinez who is probably on his fifth and let's say that won't be his last. Yet, I could mention more cases, but I am not going to demerit someone. Who do you dare to call LGTBQ third class citizens.? By denying us basic human rights to be happy or in your case as miserable as you, because lets face it, we should be allow to divorce as many times as you.

Attitudes had changed since 2008, but I assume since you live in your little bubble you have no clue about what Floridians are thinking, living and aspiring. This is case is not about letting the supreme define, we know by the trend that the supreme court will overthrow your appeals, but let me tell you if you ever read me, this is not for the peace of paper that say two people are legally married, this is for the dignity of the LGTBQ individuals who had struggle all their lives for acceptance and validity of their own personas.

I guess you don't know what is to deal and live with depression, because you are a woman who came from a moderate privilege family, you were born in the country, you are white and you don't have an accent. I guess life it's easier that way, but not when you were born outside, you have an accent and you have ties with the LGTBQ community.

I can tell you my life has been a living hell, it's has become better but yet not in the way I want. All my life I had dealt with depression, I have three suicide attempts, much of my family shunned me because of who I am, they shunned in the name of God; but I do not hate religion, as I feel that an emotional part of a person is linked in the spiritual aspect they develop, albeit not everyone is privileged to say that because much of the Abrahamic religion discriminate against the LGTBQ.

You probably don't know about what is discrimination, you probably have no idea what is to lose everything and getting everything denied because of who you are. It's terrible that there are not laws protecting our community as a State level. We as community we are trying to make Florida a better place, that is well known and is positioned on an international level beyond Disney and the Keys; but we are feeling we are not being represented properly because of this witch hunt you and Rick Scott are executing.

We don't plan to leave Florida, we as a community we aren't going to be defeated by two individuals, I am just writing this open letter as way to express my voice and let ask you to do the right action, because you are not representing the equality in the constitution you are leaving democracy as a mere joke but nobody had said anything against, a 48 year old  woman who has no children and has a strange arrangement with her 61 year old fiance; times had change, and two adults shouldn't be ostracized for who they love.

I tried to contact you by phone, email and mail was impossible so this is my last resource, I really hope you read my letter. If you want to contact me my email is

Thank you,