Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hillsborough Bus Driver Stopping To Grab Lunch in the Middle of the Street, Route 16 West

I know there is a fair share and everybody deserves a job; the key of being professional is always to understand the customers needs. Now that I said this, this is not the first time I am in a bus at Tampa, (HART Line) and the driver do something out of the routine.

This is the first video I recorded based on my experiences, this happened on Saturday the 19th of July around 11:30 AM. Where the bus driver of Route 16 went down to Pedro and Carey, located at 3529 W. Waters Avenue, he parked for about 15 minutes in order to grab his lunch, holding the traffic in the middle of the street, before the intersection of Waters and Himes.

If I wasn't bounded to this form of transportation I wouldn't even knew about the several irregularities that happen on a daily basis.

Sorry for the quality of the video, but I recorded within my phone.