Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Big Victories for the LGTBQ

Probably one big victory for the LGTBQ community are towards the legality, which leads to recognition. One step at a time, and on the Washington Post 5/27/2014 edition, it mentioned that the United States Census will recognize married couples as families.

As before 2013, the census categorized LGTBQ individuals who were in committed relations as unmarried partners. The 2013 American Community Survey results, which will be reported on September will be the first time the census estimates a 180,000 same sex married couples with statistics concerning 56 million families, even if they had been categorized as unmarried partners as it was mentioned previously.

But, yet there is some hypocrisy albeit there is symbolism in this movement from part of the Bureau as it will be used to show support to the growing acceptance in the LGTBQ community; but the change itself doesn't play a significant support on how the experts study the statistic to analyze the evolution of the families.

Yet, it's more complex to explain; as in simple words the Census projects and study the trends before they became familiar. Then again, the medians and how they are being incorporated as how much the rights of the community had advanced in over a decade.

It would be impossible to think that in less than a year almost the list of States summed to 19. A year later after DOMA got overturned probably the biggest victory came with the legacy of Edith Windsor.

Marriages related lawsuits had been filled in every "hold out" state with the exception of North Dakota, but there are plans before the end of the summer that the ban will be challenged.

Of course, for every action there is opposition; albeit, the opposition keeps loosing grounds, due the evolution of the dynamics in the general population. The National Organization for Marriage and other groups, are organizing into rallies much as with the same mentality as the activists use for their protests, as well NOM is organizing to the point they are creating a speech towards the inevitable confrontation they will have with the Supreme Court.

Yet, marriage beyond the legal, religious or vernacular meaning, is the tie that unifies families, it can be one word but yet it has a profound meaning on the psychological development of the individuals, as not only for the LGTBQ people themselves, but for their children too; as is not fair the treatment their families receive. One day, not far away all the States will shed away the phobia and embrace equality.