Monday, April 7, 2014

Yahoo Newfront Service Not a Positive Push But a Tangent Negative

YAHOO.! is essentially following a similar demise that Altavista experienced before being bought by YAHOO.! itself; probably bad corporate decisions over the years had placed Yahoo as the number fourth most popular website, just below newer services such as the popular Facebook and Google.

Over the last 12 months, YAHOO.! had lost equity as well assets. To re-position YAHOO.! itself on the market, the company shouldn't follow or copy trends from their competitors but do something original and new. With the "Newfront Event" the company is not offering anything new, the brand just keeps getting dispersed and loosing cohesion.

What can be brought from Newfront.? The answer lays on original programming that would be able to attract new demographics as well advertisement investment. The competition is solid because Google has an hegemony towards the pay channels on Youtube; Netflix has an amazing award programming that keeps growing such as Orange is the New Black, and, Hulu besides the original programming airs episodes of the current seasons of several television shows on different language.

If YAHOO.! realizes that the niche they are competing is strong, their best bet instead of mimicking is to diversify the idea as there are different possibilities to explore, as well give new talent the opportunity to create a fresh audiovisual product.

The company is trying to capitalize the concept that several users are cancelling their pay per view television subscription and relying on the stream services. One aspect if YAHOO.! wants to go inside this market is to explore the possibilities of multiplatform streaming; as is a mistake many developers do beyond beta tests. If all these issues could be surpassed, then there is a winning form.

One o the diatribes of the problem goes on the hand of the CEO Marissa Mayer that is tackling the revenue loss on a linear way, by implementing internal strategies to tackle different issues and find a justification to fire employees who reach a low score on a bell curve rating system she implemented. If she address the lowering scores of the brand in a non-linear creative way, YAHOO.! can regain back a little bit of the former glory it had back on the early 90's.

Albeit, the entire weight shouldn't be on the shoulders of Miss Mayer; as a company is not an individual but a pluralistic group of person who execute a business. Yet, she is one of the few people who had worked within two internet giants as well being on their boards of directors, starting as an employee of Google and escalating over 13 years; maybe when she was appointed as CEO of YAHOO.! the board thought she was going to bring a gulp of fresh air but not all the time, someone who is consider a golden girl would give the concrete answers.