Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Bear Who Play Music on The Hill that Was on The West End

The Bear Who Play Music on The Hill that Was on The West End
By: Gustavo Calvo
Illustration: Jay Arseno

The sun was on twelve, and a bear named Jay was roaming the forests by himself.
Long time ago, the children of men faded from Earth, they left something called music but no one else knew how to play.
In the middle of a dying fire, someone left an instrument who was dying with time, it was a red guitar.
Jay the bear was mesmerized, he groan and moan, while poking the strings; then music he heard.
What was that.? He thought, while trying to grab the instrument from the deep ground.
He started to swipe each string, near the roots on a six string. He wondered what else we can do.? What sound could peruse.? As he roamed with the instrument on his back, the West End hill was the best place to relax.
As he started to improvise, the sound of music came to his head; he started to dream about the Earth back then. There was no music, only loud noises, men were angry all the time and they never seemed to enjoy life.

At the end, they were no more, no more men, no more women and no more of their cubs that roamed Earth. Music was feeling the air, it was going around Earth, as the bear played the instrument on the hill that was at the West End.