Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ontological String Human Paradox

Matter has been and always is going to be there; the transformation of energy could be the answer to the key of how the was born. There is the duality of nothing and existence, nothing can't create anything but without nothing we wouldn't be here. Everything has a moment, matter and time but yet we are not here, time is substantial and malleable, up to the point we mark our existences through time just to point the space and mass we occupy.

There should be more life out there than us, between the chaos and entropy there should be some exo-planets and galaxies, not even a crazy idea of science fiction would pin point. Even with the dark energy constantly expanding the universe as "air expands a bubble" tearing apart the galaxies in between, there should be other individuals that also had transcended existence and join us in the vast cosmic race.

Who we are.? Is just a mere question, we are a series of event horizons; we as humans we tend to think we are in control, but there is no control towards on we, our existence is controlled by a series of natural laws that many of us we know by now, same laws that control galaxies and the universe itself, is almost as if there is a "cult" towards gravity, as everything has a beginning and an end.

Defying death itself is impossible, it goes against the laws of time, alpha and omega; but, speculating about immortality seems to be a doubtful idea. To live in a separate state of existence where there is only happiness but yet seem to be followed by fear of a supreme being that is not gravity itself, seems to be strange.? How to stay "alive" when matter decays, and even if the concept of soul could exist it should have an expiration date where it would lead the being existence into nothing, and nothing the main force to create a balance of the chaos.