Sunday, March 23, 2014

Greg Abbott Different Keys to Win the Governor's Race in Texas

Every time I see politicians trying to gain indecisive voters, they tend to play with the emotions of the voters in order to connect with them, is an old trick in almost an apodicticity form of reasoning that can be sustained with an argumentum ad passiones, whenever you see the sympathizers cheering for their politician of their choice, and half the time they don't even know the key points of their candidate or why they are voting for him or her, besides that it appealed to them.

If Abbott wins the election the Republicans will keep the seat after Rick Perry's slowly withdrawal from the political scene of Texas; and the Democratic Party is still getting terrain on a regional level; but the problem Greg Abbot is having right now is how he connects with the different demographic populations.

If he wants the coveted seat, he shouldn't put his wife in the center of the spotlight towards the Latino community in order to gain votes. According to different sources such as the Texas Tribune, Abbot is trying to put his wife Cecilia as a Latina, when the problem lays on if she really understands the Diasporas of the different Latino communities.

Cecilia who is the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants had been talking about her heritage; and that has been the problem because Hispanics who try to find and connect with the candidate. Making the juxtaposition, the use of Cecilia is much as Marcos Rubio in Florida trying to gain sympathy by showing that he is also Hispanic; yet the main issue is if they, even if they connect, even if they are not or they Hispanic, do they understand the causes and different social problematics as well economical aspects.

Cecilia on her own has an amazing record as being principal of the Cathedral School of St. Mary in Austin, as well dealing with her husband accident that left him wheelchair bounded, not to mention that she served on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children advisory board. Yet, she is just being used as a prop and that could be a big issue from Greg Abbott's campaign.

So, whatever if Abbott wins, there could be a minor change in Texas history, not because Texas would have their first, first lady that is Hispanic, albeit it's difficult to say Hispanic per-se as person, but much as within her family background.

Probably in order to consolidate his position on the Texas political map, on a wider level beyond being the the general attorney of the State, he should keep focusing on his work as protecting privacy rights; but, keeping his focus on religion on a minimum base, as his stance on the 10 Commandments Statue on the grounds of the Texas Capitol is a violation of the First Amendment of the United State Constitution, due the reason we are not a Christian Nation and there shouldn't be any imposition of any kind of any religious symbolism on public and federal grounds.

As a public servant he should represent all the population equally, but that is still a paradox towards the impossible. It doesn't mean that there is a politician out there who sees everyone equally but when faith and personal interests collide toward certain minorities