Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Problem of Being Colombian and Sell Marijuana

There should be a division between federal government and regional one; but, sometimes it's just a mere idea that never comes on fruition. Colorado has been since last year in the spotlight since the referendum to approve marijuana use. I do not approve the use of any substance that can create a psychoactive effect on the person, but there are rooms to explore more natural drugs that could be beneficial for humanity and destroy the monopoly of the pharmacologist companies worldwide in order to have a less expensive set of medications.

The problem with the drug wars goes on the toll of dead people that has taken; legalization, taxation and opening centers were people can seek help as patient on different side of the spectrum; from people who believe they have a problem as well to the more technical aspect which can go on medical issues. If the taboo of marijuana is uplift the effects are going to be seen, because there are more than 3.6 million users on a Federal level, and yet statistic wise is not perfect.

There could be a change in the economical grounds on a Federal level, because with the use of legalized business on a nationwide the tax revenue could be use to improve infrastructure on different cities, as well to create new jobs and improve the already crumbled economy. The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 states that marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug and is potential for abuse. That is a lie, because on the short time I was an user it didn't opened any doors that I already explored and my use of drugs started on codeine and making a long time ago the cocktail known as Purple Drank,  and doing different variations which I had two overdoses and I didn't quit really easy.

Gerardo Uribe 
The dichotomy when you are in a business that still defies the public imagery towards drugs, is not positive; the other side of the spectrum goes when you are doing business and you are Colombian. The public image you will have, won't be far away from the drug cartels of the 1990's era.

Everyone is innocent until the opposite can be shown; and according to his associates Gerardo Uribe is described as honest and professional, who built a medical marijuana empire in Colorado; even if his heritage could bring suspicions, because he is in the middle of a federal investigation on the illegal distribution and production of marijuana; money laundering and other offenses.

According to The Denver Post, on November 21st of 2013 federal agents executed search warrants on 14 business and two homes on the medical marijuana industry; being the largest raid in Colorado history. The raids were supposedly chasing nexus with the Colombian drug cartels; albeit so far investigators haven't publicly accused any of the businesses of wrongdoing. The coordinated attack from the federal government, caused millions of damage in inventory and forced owners to close stores as well lay off employees. By the time now of 2014 much of the business had reopened.

So what if Uribe is the kingpin behind the biggest operations in Denver.? Where five dispensaries and half a dozen grows are controlled by him. Even beyond that point, his family is also involved. According to his lawyer, the only person arrested by the federal raids was a Colombian national who is facing a gun charge, that is happened on November the 21st in Englewood.

Politics as well perception of people are changing, but yet the federal government is looking for the invisible enemies, where they should see not on the racial profiles but on the real harm they are doing. Maybe on the Americans imagery toward how to world works, goes that all the Muslims are terrorists, all Colombians are drug savages, all Mexicans are berry pickers; but, yet where is the real enemy.?

One of the problems Uribe is facing, comes from an former associate that according to the Denver Post could a shadow investor named Hector Diaz who wired US$442,000 to purchase a warehouse for a metal structuring business, even if the authorities had backed his claim that the purchase was for the business he mentioned, there is the problem that comes in an email attachment were Diaz was wearing a DEA hat and holding to semi-automatic rifles. The court filing suggest that Diaz had provided funding from Colombia to help Uribe's cannabis operations.