Thursday, February 20, 2014

Less Support for EBT and More Support to the Micro-Credits and the National Economy

We don't Accept E.BT. and You Can't Buy Lobster Here
The heart of America is in their citizens, not on the multinationals or the politicians who essentially work for the corporations, or the churches interest they follow as no politician should go with the slogan "that they are a man of God as they are going to work for the people."

It's a fallacy, the only people they work for are going to be the ones from their churches, and follow the interest of their pastors or priests.The problem with Americans is that we are slowly turning into people who can't think and we depend on the government of every decision.

We don't have a voice anymore, our free speech is just a mirage towards the decision of the country, because we are letting legislators to take all the decisions that benefits the corporations and not the people. The Electronic Benefit Transfer program, or E.B.T. as is known by many people these days, or food stamps as had been known for decades has showed how Americans are turned into a parasitic group of people who are not facing the consequences of letting a group of men to take the strings of the country.

There are plenty of opportunities but yet the funds to support local business and taxation are being transverse into the big multinationals such as Walmart and McDonalds; instead of supporting local mom and pops business, the local and regional funds of every city, town and State are been used to favor companies as the aforementioned above. Companies that pay under the minimum wage to their employees in order to keep the low cost of filthy products that aren't ensemble in the country because of the miracle of outsourcing.

There are ways to improve the economy not by supporting the multinationals that outsource all the work to third world countries, just by supporting local business the economy can be fixed. It is such a simple idea, but yet politicians can't seem to agree on that level and it can go on more complex levels such as supporting basic human rights that will create an immigration reform, where more people who become lawful American citizens will be able to be taxed at the end of every fiscal year.

Such an easy humane way to place it, yet so complex because to many of the lawmakers and lobbyist is a lose-lose situation, because corporations will lose money and thanks to the Agricultural Act of 2014, that was signed by President Obama on 02/14/14 it is expected over the next decade that there is going to be a reduction on the food stamps fraud. over the next decade.

People had turned into parasites, and parasites with pride; they blame the government for abandoning them and they turn into the entity they blame for. Opportunities are around, where people can create and help their communities, albeit a bigger assistance would come if the tax funds instead of being directed into the E.B.T are directed into a fund of micro-credits to help micro-business to expand on a national level.

It's amazing, almost utopical, it shouldn't be fantastic to think that if we stop being selfish and mean to each other we can actually get out from this crisis; put the money on one side and invest it on human capital. Avoid people using money that is not theirs, and give them education, create jobs and stop outsourcing them, even the tiniest most insignificant ones can create a difference.

A production factory of clothing and uniforms who ship their operation down to India or any other place in East or South Asia, will put on a minimum 1.000 workers out of job; workers and human potential that without an education couldn't achieve better on a professional level but are necessary as they conform a side of the economical spectrum that is need it. As my cousin Alex says - We need people who can cut our meats, craft our sweaters and cook for us. - It's a somber side of the economy, but is a balance of powers between who can create an idea and the people that will follow through the need.

The Electronic Benefit Transfers create more damage because the funds are directed could be used for something else; there is an abuse on the program, is not difficult to see if you go to the supermarket you will see the people who are abusing it. Is not fair that someone has to work over 45 hours per week in order that someone else can buy cake, sodas or any other crap; even sushi can be purchased by EBT; but the person that works hard for his or her money, can't enjoy any of those edibles because someone else is using them on their own benefit.

Is not a benefit program, we are perpetuating the stereotypes of the minorities who are abusing this program and the ones that are related, not to mention we are hurting the economy everything a person who don't need them gets approved. Is almost as an endless vice cycle because almost every store now accepts EBT and is not money that will circle around the areas and create a change, is a stagnant money from the banks that it will be used by companies in outside resources.

Not to mention as the times the different users use the benefits they will increase the national debt as is not public money, because the EBT is owned by the J.P. Morgan Chase group and other national privately owned corporations that are running this country and creating a profit through the necessities as well egos of the population in need.