Friday, February 7, 2014

Rep. Polly Lawrence Measure is Not Far Away from What was 1984

Polly Lawrence (R) Rep
Roxborough Park, Denver --- There is something delicious about certain kind of people; because their ideas, when they are in the power seem to be fueled by a false equation of security, but yet after 9/11 the country became submerged into a paranoia; and to my surprise finally a Republican has an idea to limit the control of the imagery the government use on a national for surveillance.

If the reflexive reaction against surveillance is not warranted, is not in fact legitimate policy activity, in order to find enemies where there are not and a lot of escape goats. If the citizens doesn't expose any violent behavior and they give back to their community, they shouldn't be treated as criminals; but, if they are criminals as the Westboro Baptist Church are protected under the First Amendment.

The bill proposed by Lawrence would require Colorado law enforcement agencies to get rid of the images taken from, on a yearly period; of course there would be some consequence as the law enforcement uses these images in order to track criminals, but if the images are under a criminal investigation, they should be able to be kept by the investigators.

Then again, this is another debate over privacy vs. safety, because Lawrence doesn't have a concrete example of the abuse of the cameras, but even if the cameras were pushed as an excuse of any terrorist attack, there haven't probe to be effective with the idea they were utilized for and they have been use for abuses, such as the Michigan Law Enforcers using them on their own benefit. way before the terrorist attacks.

The idea of the cameras abuse is not new, as it was expressed in 1984 (a book that was first published in 1949) where the government and agencies spy on the citizens through the use of monitors. It doesn't even sound strange anymore as the NSA / Obama administration faced similar situations through the scandals on the invasion of privacy that came on the light on 2013. In fact, is not even difficult for someone to hack into the systems and explore different scenarios, making the idea more physical than the science fiction counterpart.