Friday, January 10, 2014

The Short Tight Populist Rope Around Chris Christie Neck

Chris Christie
Tampa, (Fl) --- The Devil wears Prada and sometimes the devil is just in politics.

It's difficult to believe someone who has associated with the Tea Party Caucus, as well some of his close friends and political advisers aren't exactly saints. Is not to blame Christie, for being a conservator he has some good ideas but as someone who has been in close proximity for his political career with the incursion of the populist movement in the United States.

Conventional wisdom, it could be say that he could be the strongest contender of the 2016 presidential race; but yet, since the incursion of the populist caucus into the GOP lines, they keep rejecting this "jolly" fellow for not being conservative enough. So how much hate-monger, you have to be,? in order to be consider Conservative enough.?

If we go to the standards of the Tea Party, you have to - hate everyone who is not white; oppose to women rights even if you are woman, denigrate anyone who is not a national...- probably Christie is too liberal for today standards of what the social conservative point of views had become, because at the end is difficult to try to satisfy the views and ideals of a party that it's been corrupting itself over the last decade.

It's  not difficult to think that the man could find the endorsement to be the main contender; but, yet in the position he has been thrown it wouldn't be hard to think, that the GOP will endorse a person who only reflects the ideals of the corporation that the Grand Old Party backs up and not what people are really striving to create a better society.

I am not a Republican, I've been striving for the Democratic side lately because they go on to treat their citizens with more dignity than the GOP/ Tea Party; but, the idea of voting for the Chief of State relies in a person that will guarantee it will protect the well being of the citizens. If there is not a reconstruction with the Conservatives towards their economics and civil rights goals, but yet Chris Christie is not a saint and not a better person among the ranks of the party.

With the scandal of the George Washington Bridge his image has come under fire once more, not as the antithesis of the politician he should be but the politicians he will never become; he has been criticized as been a bully and a irresponsible man; where he hasn't taken any of the consequences of his own actions, saying he was a victim and firing the so called "responsible" individuals without any mention of a proper investigation.

He is not a different man from Hugo Chavez, one of the most exponentialist individuals of the Populism world wide, where his only intention when he was alive was to keep his ratings and fortune on check. It's difficult to place how much the body mass index can play in order to find sympathizer as Americans tend to be selfish towards how a politician looks like, not everyone has been as fit as Barack in generations but yet it didn't matter at the moment if the person had made a good job on the public office and has a decent record.

To think how to appeal to people, should rely on the core aspects on how he or she serves to the community but yet we are in a shallow society, albeit people shouldn't look at the appearance but to the essence of the individual.  And if your party is going to be against you, then you could start looking some place else; such as the example where Mitt Romney poked fun at Christie's weight, which is not easy to wonder why Romney wasn't elected, as he wasn't mentally fit because if you are going to poke fun to someone for their weight you shouldn't even be allowed to occupy a public office.