Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Week Later - First Blog of the Year, Take a Look at the Cosmos

Tampa, (Fl) --- I'd stopped writing for a little bit as I was planning the next step in my life, but as all the good things you fight for and dreamed for a long time, I rather keep silence on that aspect. The first year had passed and there is nothing much I can say, except I had enough time to organize my ideas on what I want to say and share to everyone.

Never Feel Less; you are capable enough to be the own master or mistress of your own life, there are some people who you work with or deal with them on a personal level, that will try to make you feel less because they feel uncomfortable with their own insecurities, and, they'll be trapped in their own circle of misery where they cannot escape the same venomous ways on how they treat people and how they expect to be treated, even on the same jobs because they won't be able to prosper.

You are not better than anyone else; because you are equal as everyone else, having a sense of superiority because you earn more than some people or have 10 diplomas, only show what kind of person you are, an ignorant fool.

Never value materialism, value what you can give instead of receiving; superficiality is always an issue that people with low self esteem show, they are everywhere and they can't engage into any basic conversation that is not into expensive things  or trends.

Life is always too short, sometimes is too long but is always fantastic even with all the problems, people forget that, reality is more powerful than fiction, why to buy an expensive video game to play in an expensive computer,? when you can go outside and take a look at the stars; not even with an expensive telescope, just go outside and look at the little portion we can see of the cosmos. Is wonderful and complex to think there are objects that are 50 times and beyond the size of our biggest celestial bodies.

Find a way to improve yourself and to help back to the community; if you want that beauty prevails never be selfish, think ways that you can help back to the community that received you; sometimes, is not with a big party; but with nice neighbors, people you can chat with on the common areas; places that you can take your children and had been lost because of gangs or people with shady intentions, are points where you can take initiative to help. Beyond that, you can always help people in need and then you will see a change.

There are so many things to do, some of them don't even require a lot of money or money at all, grab a pencil and draw, or write a story and share it. Live your life to the fullest because at the moment you reach certain age you will realize you haven't lived at all.