Monday, January 20, 2014

Deficit Model in Information About Floridians or How I stop Worrying and Love the Flow

Tampa, (Fl) --- When ignorance is a bliss, the person seems to be happier; lately, reading and listening to conversations around different places is not difficult to tell that media processing, effect and gratifications had created a docile population that their models of social standards and culture are primary week, and subjugated to the effects of almost to develop of a non critical thinking.

There could be many layers that could be considered, such as the media processing can be used as a form of catharsis from the daily life, such as the Super Bowl or any other form of sport, even some form of dull entertainment as the Monster Trucks could be used to relieve stress among sectors who have no time or financial resource for recreation and leisure.

Communication itself could used as juxtaposition on how society is acting (i.e. People believing the news without discerning information and creating absolute truths from one source), spinning under political and commercial pressure to mold the strings of the country.

Marketing and Public Relations had turned to be two tools on how society is today, up to the point individuals form their criteria based on sensuous observation of products. Lets say Saint Valentine, or any other commercial holiday where the Information Deficit Model could be applied, as people will follow the pronouncement and will accept it as a millennial tradition while in reality the so called old tradition, is only a couple of decades old.

The government itself regard any administration, doesn't need the people to improve themselves; even if there are the opportunities everywhere, as is a lucrative business the welfare to keep people as dumb as possible. Anyone can claim an injury, anyone can put a lawsuit and anyone can get food stamps; it's not difficult to keep people on that state with "narcotics", when those funds could be used for people who are really in need.

Not only that level, if the government of every State would invest, hypothetically speaking investing in the human capital would help to renew the economic path of the country; but, there is no need to invest in people as is easy just to keep building newer generations that really don't know how to fend for themselves and only believe anything without even questioning.

Existentialist doubt, curiosity and scientific method seem to be words and terms unknown by thousands, as the status-quo prevails; we are probably destined to keep mimicking certain mistakes from our ancestors but yet we believe what they thought us, unless we break the cycles of conformity.