Wednesday, December 25, 2013

With The Christmas Bells, Solitude Always Rings After the Twelve Strike

Tampa, (Fl) --- Another year is about to end, there are a lot of lights in the winter solstice, yet the solitude seems to be there everything they blink, just as a reminder for a few of us that even if we are not alone there is solitude.

The church down the street looks so lively but yet in my heart and my soul, I only see solitude in a time that brings happiness to millions.

Maybe, we indeed are lonely beings besides being social, we defy logic even with our behavior; it doesn't have any sense on a sociological level beyond that we are a ritualistic specie.

People seem to be reunited and yet they keep "posting on Facebook their happiness," there is no need to share, it made me wonder how real are those photos,? or maybe are just mementos.? Maybe, some of them are honestly happy. I heard the bells of the Christmas service when I go down for a walk, they are not real, they are just a noise, an electronic noise.

Why people gather.? Even if some hate each other.? Is a strong word, I know but probably using the words of my friend Angela - This time is for some people to relive the stress of the rest of the year and feel happy even if is for  a few weeks.- Is a routine, that people on this time try to seek an ideal of perfection that is merely theological and much of the time just illogical, an antithesis of happiness, because they believe they can't achieve that unity for the rest of the others 11 months.

Maybe we are scared of socialize, being together, as family, because as we grow older we tend to evolve in different ways. I still hear the clock twelve hours, twelve rings in the bells, is Christmas and for some people is just another day, a day where there is no need to put masks and pretend to be happy. There are some people who love doing that no matter what, who enjoy the company of the different people in their lives, beyond the twelve strikes of the Christmas bells.

Why not to be happy.? All your lives, is not difficult, and all the problems have an Earthly solution; but after the twelfth strike of the bell, all those good wishes seem to fade away.

I hope you all had a nice holiday, and to whatever the future brings, give your best; always give the best gift, the gift love and friendship to the persons who are thankful that you are in their lives; because, not all gifts last forever.