Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Dinners and Gifts Dynamics or Scrooge You.!

Scrooge You by Gawker
Tampa, (Fl) --- Lets face it, this supposedly has to be the happiest time of the year, but for some people is a time where anger and bitterness float every 10 seconds when they don't get what they want.

If you want to see people at their best, just wait after Black Friday or any Boxing Day, - people with act as domestic divas or bitches in heat, they won't conform with the minimum, - and they will want more.

May, we take a look on peoples behavior of their consuming habits.? Parents with children will try to compensate their love by trying to find what their want even if they have to kill someone in the process. Parents lets face it, your children are not treasures on this time of the year, they are marketing tools that big companies will use in order to persuade and boost their sales; and, if you want to satisfy your little treasures by every impulse they have, then you are doing something wrong.

Toys R a big business and they seem to get more complex as well expensive as the time pass, because what child really needs a tablet or an iPhone.? None, give them a Nokia and a directory of the most important phone numbers in case something happen and for the toys give them what they really need not because is expensive but that they are going to enjoy it (if is affordable to you.)

Supermarket trips are our next stop, that could be the most annoying experience at this time of the year with kids or without any. People are at their worse, treating everyone as peasants as if they were kings and queens, of course some individuals subjugate to their will to improve their sales but yet it's open to some good will and peace on Earth.

A dinner could bet the most pleasant experience if it doesn't kill you; there are many ways to scrooge someone, such as the individual that prepares the meals and platters that you will serve on your dinner; a long time ago, it was impossible for anyone to order a platter but since the mass production and easy ideas almost every super and family deli offers different alternatives to everyone but yet customers seem to be mean as they try to achieve perfection.

The idea of a perfect dinner doesn't exist, there will be someone who is drunk, someone angry, someone that messed with the food early, someone being a bitch, yet Martha Stewart is not perfect and you can not expect to make other people happy when they are miserable, but we can not forget that humans are not logical and they fill their heads with so many unrealistic expectations.

So, maybe for Christmas treat other people with dignity, share the value of the company that surrounds you because the dynamics for the holiday are just plain weird or otherwise you will be scrooged.