Monday, December 30, 2013

Movin' Up, My Best Wishes to You All

Tampa, (Fl) --- Evolution is the key to the revolution, I don't remember where I heard that quote or if I actually made it, is one of those phrases that I always repeat on a constant basis, all year long.

Part of life is to grow up, evolve in a certain way; is a natural way, to think what you want to become and what you can give to the community you live in. Life ain't easy; but, even with all the ups and downs is just an amazing experience when you can enjoy the little but yet wonderful things. How many of you had sit down outside, far away from the "orange glow" and see the stars.? Is something amazing to think, those bodies of lights as of today, in present tense, aren't as we are seeing them; we are seeing the past, and if they are people, beings they are watching the future on the early stage of the blue marble.

Time is relative, almost non-existent but yet in the blink of an eye we exist, almost as the brain process light; we exist in the fraction of a second, we are nothing, yet we never remember that; we act as we own the universe but is the universe who own us, we act with such much ego-centrism and we treat everyone else as pieces of shit.

Treat everyone the way they want to be treated, be respectful, be nice, even if people are cocky you can show that dignity and manners can't be bought as you are born with them. Always set your mind in your goals, do what makes you happy, even if is a thing other people won't agree with but always strive for more to achieve you full potential.

I wish you all the best as always my friends, and I hope not only next year but in life you can achieve your goals.