Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Ode to the Fermat's Madness

The Ode to the Fermat's Madness

By: Gus Simmons
The message was simple and it was written on Helvetica on the south wall, <<If you want to escape, you have to sell your soul to Fermat>>, the simple idea of losing your sanity to escape the room with three walls. There was a contradiction, there were four doors and each of them had engraved the number four.
I was in the middle, with only one light above me. I was wondering how did I stepped into the triangular room with four doors. Where was the exit.? Where was the entrance.? There was no focal point and no viable answer to escape a strange riddle that was deign of the Saw movies. Why I could remember Saw from I to IV but not necessarily how I got there.
My name was Pierre, or Pete as some people used to call me. Yet beyond that point I knew my last name started with an U or a V. It was driving me crazy to not have a proper answer, yet the words <<sell your soul to Fermat>>, the only association that was with Fermat was that terrible, unfaithful theorem.
How I could be in that nightmare.? Who was so arrogant to built such an intricate contraption.? Then I opened the door, and I went to another room, a room similar to the one I was and in my nightmare I realized the door where I entered facing the cathetus was closing also and I appeared on the hypotenuse.
Running wasn't option and where I was, was an eternal set of doors and rooms within the same configuration. I thought about Pythagoras and his infinite simple forbidden wisdom that was almost sold in an old 1950's Disney's educational cartoon.
Music from a forbidden lore redub on my head, I heard drums and the musical scale, the pentagram and I tried to find the relation with this riddle but yet the name Fermat kept popping over and over because of that cryptic message.
Maybe I didn't had to sold my soul, but surrounded to a new knowledge  and that data would give me the number 4,472 times 12. How many times I had surrounded myself with that idea, maybe I was trapped in a conjecture of ideas where my own self didn't had a positive integer to the answer of my existence.
How to define someone self thought numbers.? Are you decimal components or fractional.? Maybe we are not, maybe we are integers, but yet an integer can't be defined by that notion; and humanity tend to be a sum of a fraction but the fractions are divided by integers. Is a contradiction, we are a contradiction.
According to some elder religions, we have Chakras and Chakras are the 8 essences that define a human being, those can be decimals; some other religions define that we are fractions, not to say our souls.
What Fermat was trying to say.? Maybe he was trying to give the answer to life itself beyond a mere concept. Then pieces of my memory turned back to me. I realized an old philosophic concept "…with our thoughts we make the world." of course the phrase was incomplete but I didn't had to sell my soul to Fermat or my complete being.

I didn't had to lose myself into a madness, but just to open the door and keep finding a solution until there was an end.

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