Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sean Saves the World, but the World Wont Save Sean

Tampa, (Fl) --- Sean Saves the World, has a really solid cast to be a decent comedy and even the premise of the show can fit perfectly to the adult contemporary topics, where many fans can relate to the situations that - Sean Harrison - has to go on a daily basis; even, the show has the potential to expose on a more positive light what many gay parents have to deal on a constant basis. The show has potential, but yet the show fails so much that is not funny and is almost painful to watch.

If Sean wants to save the world, then the show needs a better script; but we have to remember that this show was created by Victor Fresco, one of the most mediocre developers and writers of the media, and the simple fact that Mr. Fresco still working that makes me believe that God indeed pulls miracles.

Let's analyze what Mr. Fresco had created, worked on and if his creations had some sort of impact, The Trouble with Normal; prior Two and Half Men, John Cryer started on this show as well talented actor David Krumholtz but the show was cancelled after one season because it was dreadful.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe; the show wasn't funny at all and it died two years later. Life on a Stick, another show that could have potential by showing the ridicule, senseless and dysfunctional lives of American teenagers who are working in a minimum wage job but the show script wasn't the best one and pulling a laugh from the audience seemed to be as if someone was trying to teach his dog to beg for something.

Not to mention that he worked also on My name is Earl as a consulting producer but yet My name is Earl wasn't a witty show but enjoyable. Now we have him on Sean Saves the World and it seems Sean won't last more than 2 seasons if there is not a re-tool on the concept and a way to separate Sean Hayes from his Will & Grace persona as well giving the actor a more serious role that the viewer will find it believable.

The characters are stereotypes and tokens; and, it's difficult to believe that Thomas Lennon, one of the most funniest guys in television is playing a 1920's stereotype of a boss, is just dreadful to watch him playing that role.

Much of the episodes are written by Victor Fresco himself which makes me wonder, if Mr. Fresco really knows what LGTBQ people face on a daily basis,? and what kind of humor approach he can take in order to engage the audience with a LGTBQ reality.? Those are the questions to pop up in order to save the show because if the characters don't start showing a more human side then Sean will be send to the oblivion.