Saturday, November 2, 2013

Is not What the Fox Says, ii is How Ylvis Approached Mass Media with a Song that is Stupid

Ylvis - The Fox
Tampa, (Fl) --- There is no doubt, that every year there is a number of trends that create an impact on the public imagery, the impact doesn't need to have any kind of cultural value beyond the - the feel good inc. one,- where the masses will react positively to a product, more popular songs as they, due the use of social media tend to reach more people.

As last year, Gangman Style by PSY reached a never before seen popularity world-wide to a non English speaking song; this year another trend appeared in the form of viral video, The Fox by the Norwegian Comedy duo, Ylvis; which, if Norwegians find that funny, it would be dumber that the mainstream American slapstick sense of humor.

There is a point where it would be good to say that beyond language, people would like things because they are catchy but when there is no language barrier, then there is a cultural issue because if a song about a "what sound makes a Fox.?" reach more on popularity and care than what is happening with the current health reform among the interest of the people, then we have an issue.

The song will disappear within the next three months such as previous trends as the Harlem Shake; because there is nothing Ylvis as well other "bubblegum artists" can give to the posterity and if you are wondering what do the fox say.? Is not a secret, foxes bark, squeak and scream much as dogs; and here is a video: