Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Thankless Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble (The Simpsons)
Tampa, (Fl) ---  This is season is so full of scents, people are happier, they eat and gather with families after not seeing them for a long time. Let me say something Fuck those people and fuck the end of the year. One thing I learned by working in a controlled retail environment and applying some gestalt concepts to analyze people behaviors made me think -this time of the year brings the worse of people. -

Lets start by analyzing people behavior in a supermarket. When you see people buying a lot of food and complaining that they didn't found what they wanted; because they have a full house and they are trying to satisfy different people. - That means the person in question is shallow and instead of appreciating the company is trying to buy the people with food in order to compensate the abandonment for over a year.

I am thankful for being alive, but that is not one shallow phrase I will swear once a year. - I am thankful for being alive, because when you are LGTBQ the chances you commit suicide are twice as a higher as anyone; I am thankful for not selling my ideals, or succumbing to peer pressure, I am thankful for being myself (not original) but just myself; I am thankful that every day that pass even if there are new challenge I win little by little. - I feel pity for those people who goes into the appearances instead of having a dinner that will be valuing the company and the people you surround with.

I am thankful, but not on Thanksgiving, is just another day for me where I spend it alone or just going to eat outside at any restaurant; just like any other weekend. Some people just have to realize as many holidays, one day a year that you see the person in question, doesn't mean you are related.

Second kind of person you will see in a supermarket buying for Thanksgiving are the "Martha Stewart Type". - Soccer moms who have no life beyond screaming at their children and fucking their gardeners; they are thankful for all the material things but nothing that it really matters. You can see their lack of manners when they go on a trip to the supermarket.

Why to be thankful only one day.? When is a day that the sales of certain items just hit to the roof and a day later sales in general boost because of Black Friday. So maybe we should be thankful for the market economy,? than anything else.

Shall we be thankful one day for our freedom,? when much of the time during the other 364 days we don't do anything for our communities and we are only shallow.

Count your blessings because if you don't put from your part one day they will fade away.