Monday, October 7, 2013

The Slayers of the Full Moon

The Slayers of the Full Moon

By: Gus Simmons
A long time ago, when humanity was in contact with nature, there was a small island in the Taheiyo Region. A long time ago, creatures that soared in the sky known as Ryu's where in contact with humanity and they taught the young children of Earth the ways with technology to survive as well the Maho to stay in contact with the nature they created a long time before the children of Earth roamed among them.

There was a time where nature was young and beautiful and humanity was still naïve among the five corners of Earth. One day of the calendar, a day called Getsuyobi (transl. Moon Day), once a year humanity gathered around different altars around the continents to venerate and keep the communion with the creatures called Ryu's.
The Ryu's descended from the skies and the tallest mountains; they taught to the different tribes the art of runes, an ancient form of Maho that was divided according to the elements of Earth. Do was the art related to Earth, Sui was the sensual art of manipulating the water, Ka was with fire, Fu was with the wind breakers and there was a last one; a forbidden art named Ku.
Not many Ryu's mastered the art of Ku, only a small faction that dwelled on the far away limits of Earth, far away from what men and women could saw, where there was nothing but just emptiness; sky or heavens in other words. A forbidden art that wasn't keen to light but more to shadows, an art that in the hands of humans mean nothing but sorrows.

A group of hunters emerged from the shadows, they went by the moniker of Slayers. The Slayers were a diverse group of people, a requirement for them to be on active duty was to keep the balance between all the five elements and never let Ku to get out of control. As time passed by, different wars emerged and the Maho became a set of forgotten arts, only knew by a few groups around the world.
Technology emerged for a long time, electricity was created as well other commodities, new continents were discovered as well new territories beyond the Garden of Eden of the ancient times and the tribes turned into cities.
Those are the oral tales that were passed down generations of people, eventually the Slayers became a forgotten group.

The biggest city of the continent of Bregna, was Ashtan; it was a vibrant metropolis with houses of stone and water canals everywhere; people where distinguished and were cultured toward the different issues on economics and politics around the world.
Everything wasn't perfect on Ashtan, as rumors of people getting killed under strange circumstances where their bodies were just mere shell, almost emptied of everything except for a few organs.
Some news heralds said that it was some macabre experiment on some homeless people; other sources said that they were part of a human sacrifices but the truth was being covered by the Royals as they didn't wanted to upset the entire population or hurt the tourism business as the city was popular due the different spiritual centers, schools and shopping centers.
The Trinidad Academy was the elite school of the city, essentially it was a boarding school for the kids of the rich families. The campus was pristine and beautiful but for Alisa Dralion she was running for her life; an hour before her chase, she realized someone broke in her room and not knowing what to do she just started to run on the opposite direction where the security offices where.

She wasn't very tall, barely 4'11'' for being sixteen years old and she was often confused with a toddler due to her younger appearance. As she kept running, she realized that her chaser was using some form of shadow casting, as the shadows were moving as she kept running for her life. She was wondering what kind of skill was that,? as she never saw it before or read it before.
 As she tried to hide, she noticed that the shadows had eyes and mouths, they were faces, faces of people who were screaming directly to her for help and sorry.
She was confused; why the shadows were asking for help.? She realized, that the shadows were people, people who died and they were in pain as their souls were trapped in the form of a tool of destruction.
One of the shadows transformed into someone she knew, she was scared because she saw her sister who was killed two years prior in the form of a shadow. She wanted to speak to her but she just kept running but finally after half an hour she trip because of exhaustion and she saw the person or thing she was running from.
The thing was long, it was another shadow, it was exhuming some form of black gas. The thing didn't had hands or claws, it was as a tentacle and at the end of the tentacle there was a mask. The mask was similar as some traditional masks that people used on Getsuyobi. She wondered if it was a prank.? If it was it was extremely complex.
As the creature got closer to her, the shadows became more erratic as if they were suffering that another one was going to be devoured. The voices were loud as screams, begging for mercy but Alisa was trying to not show fear. A miracle happened and the creature began to scream itself, it was in pain as if it was being destroyed from the inside.
Suddenly a burst of light made the creature to fade into what it seemed the oblivion. A fire wolf emerged from the remains of the creature and she was puzzled who could conjure such high skill Maho with such easy; then she saw the user as she stood up, it was another girl.
The girl was really pretty, she never saw her before in the campus and she was wearing a kind of red grey uniform with the symbol of a Ryu in the back. - Who was she.? - She thought.
The woman who saved her life was named Kinoko; Alisa wondered why the woman was named mushroom after the old dialect, but she wasn't going to ask as she was thankful for her actions.
Kinoko approached to Alisa and she explained that she was haunting that demon of darkness named Kaonashi but he ran away before she finally could give him a proper execution. Alisa was amazed because she never saw a Maho user that was so skilful until that very moment, not even her professors were as her.

She wanted to know where Kinoko came from and she explained that she was a slayer of the full moon before disappearing into the night. As one final warning as Alisa saw one of the demon, Kinoko left a small note written in fire that read - Beware of the sky without a moon - before finally turning into ashes.