Friday, October 25, 2013


By: Gustavo Simmons
Agatha was on the top balcony of the skyscraper, the view from Downtown Tampa was astounding. Nichole was watching her from not far away as the ball on the Bank of America Building held its course.
Everyone was having a blast but yet Agatha seemed to be bored, Nichole didn't lose anytime to reach her and as soon she finished her Appletini she approached Agatha who was lost in her thoughts.
- What's new sexy.? Said Nichole.
- Nothing, just watching how life unfolds here at Tampa. Agatha replied in an unapologetic way, almost showing lack of interest in Nichole's advances.
Agatha never took away her eyes from the view she was watching; from the building she could watch the Saint Pete Times Forum and the Northern most part of the bay. The Forum was an magnificent piece of modern architecture, with its mighty collage of green crystals it gave the place some air of elegance, even if it was used for sporting events and every now and then for concerts. Beyond The Forum there was the bay; no matter how many times she saw the bay, she thought it was one of the saddest places on Earth.
- Have you heard about a being called the Afrit or Ifrit.? Said Agatha.
- No, what it is.? Nichole replied almost intrigue that the mysterious woman changed the topic so quickly as well her advances.
- An Ifrit is some kind of a genie, it's form by the blood of the innocent victims, it can be stop but with the ritual sacrifice we are going to make, there is no possible way of stopping us.
- What are you talking about.?
- I am talking about what is going to happen to you and the rest of the people of this party. And, with a quick slash Agatha slashed her throat.
Quickly the other guests started to kill each other, it was a bloodbath in less than a minute. Agatha started to walk among the corpses and realized the sacrifice of the blood was completed, but not successful. She screamed in rage, shattering every single glass surface that was around her.
- Why the fuck it didn't worked.?
- Because you didn't killed everyone person here. You were in the need of 198 souls and you only killed 197. Said Nichole while walking back to Agatha, sporting the nasty bloody cut she gave to her.
- I killed you, you were the first, how did you survived.?
- You can't kill an Immortal Supreme Agatha, but the idea of bringing a fire gin to this world, that is just wicked.
Agatha was in fear after she saw the woman approaching to her, she realized she was going to be the last soul to be harvested in order to bring the Ifrit back into the world of the living.
Nichole approached the witch with the blink of an eye, Agatha was completely paralyzed because she never saw someone with such a power to blink almost before the eyes were closed.
- Who really are you.? Said Agatha to the powerful one.

- I am your worst nightmare, I been checking on your plans for the last year to bring the sacrifice of blood and the Afrit to life. You know what I am going to do.? I am going to kill you, so finally the Era of the Daughters' of Gaia will come to life through the cleansing fire of the djinn.