Monday, October 21, 2013

The House of The Rising Sun

The House of The Rising Sun
By: Gus Simmons
Alan DeMoines was contemplating the sun for one more time, after 1,000 years as a so called immortal. He was wearing his favorite pair of blue jeans as he felt the wind around his chest.
The house was located on Esplanade Avenue, in the old bayou where a coven of vampires used as a nest on the 1800's; but, on the year 2014 the covens were diminished; and, the wars between the caste's were more than an issue of the past.
The sun was engulfing Alan, little by little his body was burning but yet the process of dead seemed eternal.
Marianne was still inside, sleeping in their bed, when she realized that she alone in the room. With her tiny feet, she went running and she realized the awful truth when the she saw the rising sun, she felt the weight of immortality around a ball and chains on her existence; but, Alan screamed at her to continue living, even if it was an empty existence.

On the XVIII Century she was a madam and a lady of the night; she met Alan by a mere accident in an alley, he saved her from a rape and she was eternally grateful. After acquiring the dark gift she became a madam and opened a famous brothel that was acting as a masquerade for her and Alan to feast as well to create new brood.
 Later their lives became hell when the city closed the brothel and they became the object of prosecution; after their own young ones started to kill local children around the swamps area.
As his body turned into ashes, Alan left the world with a smile, the last thing he left behind was a small crucifix that he always wore on the top of his clothes. Marianne was left there crying tears of blood, as his lover faded away into the oblivion.
She knew she couldn't go outside and pick the small relic, so by nighttime she went back. His ashes were still there as well some rags from his clothes. She was wondering why he decided to die.? If eternity was their ally.

Maybe, she couldn't find any answers by herself, she felt tempted to commit suicide as she didn't care to go to hell, but it was her fear to leave the earthly plane and go to the beyond that was holding her back. She didn't wanted to see the rising sun, she was too comfortable with life itself.