Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Cube (Short Story)

The Cube
By: Gus Calvo
The man woke up in the middle of a perfect room; the room was colored green with six trap doors on each face of the room. The doors had the form of a rotating dog lever. He screamed for help but his voice echoed back to him. He was wondering how he got there.? But, overall he was wondering who he was, as the only word that he could associate with his name was Midnight.
He started to walk and went to the door on his left, there when he opened he realized there was another room, exactly as the one he was before. He was wondering, how it was even possible,? As the structure if it was manmade, it was impossible, so he decided to go through another door and it as the same room.
There was a minor difference between the rooms, the color of the walls changed from primary colors as he moved by.
When he reached a yellow room, he realized too late that the room was booby trapped. A piece of hard metal string, as thin as a paper eviscerated him, leaving his legs on one extreme and his torso on the other. He was watching the string hiding again in between the middle section of the right wall.
His corpse was laying there and then the room started to heat up to the point his body was completely evaporated, leaving no traces of the man.
A couple of hours later, again the man woke up, this time he was in the middle of a blue room. He had no recollection about what happened earlier. He started to wonder one more time, with the only recollection that his name had to some relation to the word Midnight. The man was wearing a small watch on his left hand, the watch was marking 11:45pm.
He continued walking, repeating almost the same pattern that he did the last time. This time, he ended up in a room with the color orange. There he met a different fate than the one he met previously, he was decapitated by a flying blade. His body ended up not so far away and the watch was marking midnight.
As soon his body was disposed one more time; two technicians walked inside from one of the upper levers, they were carrying a body, it was the body of the man. Exactly the same, bald and with the yellow plaid uniform; also, he was wearing a watch on his left hand. The watch was marking 11:30pm.
The technicians were trying to be as fast as they could, because they knew their subject was going to be awake within the next ten minutes.
Far away from the cube, in a small chamber filled with monitors, the Gods themselves, the technicians of the cube were watching the bald man moving again, but taking different decisions every time he was inside the cube.
The techs, were wondering if there was really some free will.? As the man never went to the same place, even if they sent the stimulus, yet they were wondering if there was a way to keep your freewill,? as all the rooms were booby trapped.

Maybe there was some freewill, but for the techs, the only part of the process that was crude was to fill the "cartridges" with the proper genetic material as well memories of the man, and some déjà vu's of his existence in the cube.