Thursday, October 3, 2013

La Llorona (Short Story)

La Llorona

By: Gus Simmons
Some people said, she always existed; long before time, she was always there. Some others said, she was an immortal from another time but what some people didn't knew it was that several of the spirits existed. Several women who died under horrorific circumstances and couldn't move on to the next plane of existence.
Her name was Keisha Murphy, she always was a cheerful woman in life but she reached a certain point of her life where she started to hear voices. She thought the voices were divine in nature and the voices were asking her to have as many children as possible, or as she said within the interpretation - as a full of quivers -.
Little by little she and her husband John, had 9 children; almost, one after the other. Some people said, she was living a perfect life, full of children who loved her but as time passed, Keisha was growing up erratic and talking that their children weren't righteous to follow her path.
On the tenth birthday of her eldest son, she moved all her children down to the basement where she promised them that there was going to be there some cake but in return she committed a murder-suicide by shooting her kids and hanging herself in the middle of all the corpses.

That's what the stories tell about the whipping woman in Montecito, California. A woman who always cried in front of the house she killed everything that was supposedly precious to her.