Monday, October 14, 2013

Conversations with Dead People

Conversations with Dead People
By: Gustavo Simmons
- Who you are.?
There were no signs of talks, just grunts and more intelligible sounds coming from Jeff.
- What happened to you.?
Jeff, was a reflection of his previous self; he became one of them. He was chained to the grounds with some heavy metal chains. He kept moving back and forth trying to find freedom, but he was just a mere animal.
He had a small visage of who he was, his blue eyes were still intact but they weren't going to last forever as they were going to turn yellowish because of the plague; his skin was pale, but yet it looked as he was once alive. It was almost as a "bear" trapped in chains, - a dead bear who kept growling. -
- I know what happened to you, you died and came back like the others. I always wanted to ask you how was life in the "Big Apple." I guess I will never know; but what I wonder is how you died.?
More angry grunts came from Jeff as he tried to freed from the chains that were tying him to the floor. He was getting agitated but yet how he could.? He was dead.
His behavior was erratic, he became a beast, he wasn't the intellectual who loved music and literature, he was just a beast, a hungry beast.
I wondered if he could turn me into one of them.? Maybe I was already infected.? Maybe that was the reason humanity was decimated.
The traces of his humanity were completely gone, there was no reason to keep talking but yet there was some fascination about this behavior.
-  If I let you free you will kill me, you are not a human anymore, there is only a shell of who you were. So I guess what it makes us human is not our bodies but our behavior, ideas and patterns. Our bodies are only that, a shell. Jeff do you agree with me.?
Jeff seemed to calm down.
- Maybe there is something human inside you, somewhere deep inside because I see you are not agitated.

Jeff was looking, only looking, he was there looking without doing something else. There was no need to continue. A gunshot was heard and Jeff was finally dead, just dead.