Monday, September 30, 2013

The Promise

The Promise

By: Gus Simmons
- This ham and cheese sandwich is amazing. He said smiling while grabbing a bite.
- I know papa. You always like to sit down and eat them and having something sweet after.
- Is true; I am always happy to sit down in Dunking Donuts and talk with you even if is for half an hour.
- I know corazon.
- It's been years, some of the wounds had closed; some of the others haven't closed at all.
- I know is hard to say goodbye and not be able to close a chapter. I know you were scared of not saying goodbye as it happened to a friend of yours while he was in London, but you knew that it was a possibility, but distances is just a minimal thing, I am always next to you, you have my blood even the same type.
- I know.
- So, how's life.? How's work.?
- Life not bad; I got rehired after quitting, I still hate that place with passion but I am always grateful to have a job that is letting me to continue my education little by little and achieve a better future.
- You know that's what your grandpa and I wanted, only for you to be happy; I am sorry that things weren't easy. I know you felt abandoned.
- Is OK, I am stronger now, I never felt abandoned because I saw you two when I closed my eyes before going to sleep, still do.
- I always see you there; but I am happy that you could kept your promise that you can sit down outside and eat something once a week in my name. I wish I can invite you.
- No worries, you always did, I am always happy to sit down once a week and be able to do it.
- That's what it makes me happy, that you can always sit down and enjoy yourself a little bit.
- I am already done; it was nice to see you.
- Next week again.?
- As always.
- Love you.

Then she was gone.

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