Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Little Tiny Big Bang

The Little Tiny Big Bang

By: Gus Calvo

There was a song from a Voyager, that song could be heard around the entire universe, the oldest song in the universe because it expanded from a tiny blue marble from a time people thought that the universe was on the verge of extinction as there weren't many life forms across it.

There was a song that sung You don't realize how much I need you. Love you all the time and never leave you. There was a song that in a little tiny planer on the Lyra constellation, 210 light years from the blue marble was striking hard in the mind of the people.

They didn’t had a name, they were tiny compared to the people of the blue marble; they were quite chubby but they could jump far vast distances. Their skins were fair as their hairs.
There, there was a little girl named Karen; she didn't had a last name, she lived on the north valleys of the North Pole, where the vegetation was exotic and beautiful. Almost surreal and precious.
On the south side, on the South Pole cold desert lived a guy named Alex, he was round and chubby almost like a bouncing ball; both knew each other since they were little peas but they moved far away when the weather started to change.
As many people from that planet they used to communicate via origami magic. A simple yet beautiful form of magic that let the users to share their feelings through papers.
Papers could be folded into different animals and mythological creatures that traveled around the skies giving messages to the receivers.
The geological scenario in the planet was collapsing as time passed by making traveling between areas almost an impossible task.
Karen used to make a small origami crane that when it unfolded, it showed her most deepest desires and showed images in 2D where gardens of flowers could be seen.
There was a problem, the time in the planet, their solar circle was only 13 days long and the life span of the little fellows from that tiny planet was only five years maximum, six to seven in some cases.

Life seemed to be an eternity for them but it was just a mere glimpse to much of the other people in the universe.
Karen and Alex were separated by the distance but every week they sent their paper animals through the regions of the land. Alex kept sending almost every day a small lion that he named Kyo as no one else had the same design as him.

Kyo reached so many times to Karen that she felt he was most of a pet than rather a piece of paper but one day Kyo stopped coming to her door and she worried about Alex.
She grabbed a piece of paper that she never used, the paper was as long as ten feet, it was one of her biggest treasures as it contained the way to create wings of a dragon.

She worried that Alex was dead or that something worse happened; so she went outside to her little yard and unfolded the paper, to her surprise the paper started to fold itself, she remembered her father saying something that she should do anything and let the flow of magic to do his trick.
The contours that the paper took didn't went as a dragon but it took the form of a horse with wings; she realized it was a Pegasus.
And, wanted him to fly; he didn't flew as she wanted but started to run down the south. Karen realized that their world was finally collapsing.
There were tremors and the atmosphere was collapsing, it was noon and she could see the stars.
The sky was so beautiful along that destruction. She felt almost crying because she realized they were nothing, only a tiny fragment of sand in a more complex universe.
The colors that destruction bring were spectaculars as she never saw them before.
The sky was endless and amazing, she saw planets that they were huge as big as she could measure them.
And then after 15 days she reached Alex's cottage, it was beautiful as she saw on the images, it was her idea of a dream home. She finally went down from her horse and the horse itself faded away into tiny pieces of paper.
She looked at it hopelessly because she wasn’t expecting to the paper to shed completely and turn into dust.
As soon she coped her lost, she went running inside. The small cottage was a mess, as if someone turned the place down but she realized it wasn't a foul play it was the catastrophe that was happening, the one that changed their lives along with the surface of the planet.
There he was Alex, he was sitting in his rocking chair. She didn't realized that he died there, that he died holding a piece of paper with the kanji Kyo, it was the last spell he tried to made before passing away.

She hold his hands as the little piece of paper flew away into the atmosphere currents. Alex slowly turned into paper and started to turn into ash; Karen was devastated because she couldn't say goodbye but she also realized that her time was coming to an end as her hands were cracking too.

Her body lost colorations and she sat down in the same rocking chair, smiling and waiting for her end to come as she turned into small molecules that were floating around the sky, waiting to meet again the person she loved the most.