Friday, September 27, 2013

Immigration, Law and Family's Apart by Deportation

Tampa, (Fl) --- This land was formed by immigrants, thinking that a certain group as the right of the supremacy to rule as if they were the original owners it is wrong; we as foreigners and their descendants we took the land that was inhabited by the Indigenous populations around the America's.

Two days ago, almost three days I was in the parking lot where I work; I saw and heard a guy getting arrested for being an illegal immigrant, his wife wasn't very different but the police didn't do too much to her because she was pregnant, probably six or seven months pregnant.

The scene was surreal, there were as many people as me watching it, all surrounding the parking lot. Everyone looking at the oldest child asking the agent to not deport his father.

Who is the villain.?

This society was made by immigrants and now immigrants are being punished, because not everyone can be "lucky" to get the papers; the government is spending precious resources in a human "witch hunt" when there are more severe problems than trying to find people who escaped their own countries in order to make a living and support their families.

There is the real enemy, the government who is been issuing a witch hunt against all the people; I am not even blaming the current administration on this topic because this issue has been long enough since the Reagan era. The image of a family being apart when they just wanted to make a living, the image of the kids and the pregnant wife crying are going to be stuck with me, all because I am an immigrant myself; and it hurts when they are no fair opportunities for everyone that is honest.

It hurts to listen to people's ignorance as they claim is their right to discriminate because you weren't born in the country, or your family is not traditional to the country or they have a different last name than Smith or any English sounding one. It is annoying to listen to people to say you don't have enough opportunities and that you should be grateful with what you have instead of trying to find your destiny.

It's annoying to see how people give up, it's heartbreaking to see how families are turned apart because of the policies,  the government is spending more time chasing enemies where they are not, there should be opportunities, equal opportunities for everyone; no matter if the families go again what people think about conventionalism, because a family is a family and it shouldn't be apart.