Monday, September 9, 2013

Das HaShoa (Short Story)

Das HaShoa

By: Gus Simmons
They were in a truck that was transporting them to a place they weren't aware. Everyone inside looked confused and the truck was making too much noise. The little ones were freaking out because they didn't knew where they were going and their mothers were trying to calm them down.
What they could see from the outside world, was a world apart from the beautiful country-side they'd grown up; it was an urban scenario where there were no traces of trees or vegetation.

Then the truck stop with a loud metallic noise that it was almost impossible to decipher, and then another one alerted everyone inside the truck that life wasn't going to be the same.
As soon the backdoors of the truck opened, they saw a metal ramp; the ramp was as grey as the dead, and there was blood around the edges of the ramp. Fear was in the heart of everyone.
As soon everyone stepped down, they realized there was no way to escape, the inner path to the factory was a zig-zag fenced up to the skies; the skies where cloudy but nobody could feel the wind or the rain.
On the other sides of the fence, there were many men with uniforms; they had a small logo of a contour of the face of a dog surrounded by spines.
Then Mason, a young calf realized where they were, they were going to get executed because of who they were.
After the war erupted, every single animal of certain nationalities around Germany were being prosecuted due the reason of being impure according to the beliefs of the Sovereign who was the man behind the coup.
The factories it was a mere nickname for the extermination camps, where the ethnic groups were selected and executed in a systematic fashion.
Everyone suddenly were quiet, they were listening to more metallic sounds coming from everywhere, they realized they were going to die.

Mason was looking at the main hall; nobody explained what was happening to them; but, his sight was focused that in the middle of the room was a large vertical banner with an image of the Sovereign. That man was disgusting, he was a mere wolf, a mere silver wolf looking at them, he was wondering if the Sovereign was alive and not a mere person created from the propaganda.
The machinery of war was taken life really quickly, Mason was thinking what was going to happen with all of them and he knew death herself was coming for everyone.
The main room didn't had any divisions but it had four doors facing each corner of the Earth. On the mezzanine level there were some catwalks where wolves in uniform kept watching them.
Then the north door opened and a squad of wolves divided the group, sending the bulls down the east door and the young ones to the west. They took the cows on the north door making everyone scream for each other.
Mason was worried, he never was set apart from his parents, he saw his mother screaming his name until she faded away from his sight.

Everything turned grey and when he woke up again; he found himself in a tiny cramped room with the other calves. He was completely shaven and he realized that there was a tattoo over his left hip with the number 24-601.
He started to roam around the room, trying to find someone who knew what was happening but the other ones were oblivious as him. The night came really quickly as well the next day; everyone in that tiny room realized that they were being fed at eleven am and then again by seven pm with a strange mixture that was tasty.
Everyone was getting fat, just fat as time passed because there was no room for exercise.
Mason theorized that someone was planning something macabre, but he couldn't find why, as much of the beings who went to the factories only lived less than a week and in their case a couple of months passed.
He was wondering how his parents were.? Maybe they were alive.? He knew he was trying to lie to himself; as they were dead as they could be.

The food got even tastier, it was amazing, he wondered why he couldn't stop eating every time he saw the mixture.? He couldn't find an answer as there he was hungry again.
Six months passed and Mason and the others were as fatter as they could be. They couldn't move at all and that was when the doors opened again. Mason was fearful because it was a while since he saw the individuals who separated them from their parents and that was when the calves met their end.
They were moved to another chamber, just adjacent from the ones they were. Everyone was fearful and crying.
The chamber was full of veal, they were hanging by hooks, they were dead; Mason panicked when he saw the carcass of his mother hanging almost close to him. He wanted to scream but before he could do anything he was shot in between his eyes.
The small chaos started and everyone after Mason laid dead soon after; he couldn't do anything, he couldn't save anyone, he couldn't be a hero but only just another nameless victim.