Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Could Be Behind Bezos's Interest in The Washington Post.?

Tampa, (Fl) --- There is not a newspaper more enigmatic in the United States such as The Washington Post. The newspaper itself was a "key player" into the resignation of Richard Nixon, the paper itself is an American treasure on so many levels because it's on the American's imagery.

So as 8/06/2013 the newspaper is being sold to Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos by US$250 million. So the newspaper that inspired a generation of journalist is being sold to the entrepreneur and merchant Jeff Bezos.

The sale was held on Monday afternoon according to Donald E. Graham, who is the chairman and chief executive of The Washington Post Company; and, also third generation of Graham family who has lead the paper since Phillip Graham took over his father-in-law Eugene Meyer in 1946; when Meyer bought the company on the verge of the bankruptcy-auction in 1933 and Graham took over his father-in-law to restore the newspaper reputation. Maybe history is repeating itself.

Washington Post Building, Circa 1948
Out from the family owned newspaper, in the hand of Jeff Bezos, The Post could have a different approach due the ideological and technocratic point of views; also he fits with the left ideology that the paper had sported for many decades.

The purchase of The Washing Post would on a personal capacity and not on behalf of Amazon.com as a company; the deal includes all of the publishing business owned by The Post such as the Express Newspaper, The Gazette Newspapers, Southern Maryland Newspaper, Fairfax County Times, El Tiempo Latino and Greater Washington Publishing.

The sale seemed not focused on making a profit, because of the sale price as low for a company that has been for more than a century around the public eye and for around 80 years of Graham family dominion. The paper had a focal point on the film All The President's Man as well the reality of the Watergate Scandal.

What could be the motivation behind Bezos move.? Maybe the stories about him being altruistic are true, maybe the guy is trying to revitalize an American icon such as the newspaper in question that has cut jobs over the last few years and only has less than 640 employees as 2013.

The problematic with today's printed media goes that not many of the younger generations are purchasing them, the papers had to reinvent themselves into the electronic formats due the lack of boost in their quarterly sales as not many people has the habits of going troughs pages or taking trips to the supermarket or newsstand to buy them while they can get them on their computers or tablets.

The point on revitalizing the newspaper industry is not so much on making it hip or young, but to make it steady and creating a non-biased point of any events (almost much as an antithesis of what FOX News is) but also trying to diversify to different markets so the paper itself will sell in more than one channel,