Friday, August 2, 2013


In the Wake of the Titans

By: Gus Simmons

His name was Bo, probably it was a nickname for Bogart or Robert; but, everyone in the asylum called him Bo for short. Nobody knew his last name, there were no records about his parents or any other family in existence.
Every afternoon Bo sat down near the window of his room and look at the sunset, he stared there holding a small rosary that he held way before anyone could remember how he'd got it.
One aspect about Bo it was his height, he was tall, almost 7 feet but yet he was docile and gentle as a puppy. He never spoke more than two sentences at a time and he was always polite but yet, he never remembered anything.
Nurse Linda Tram was the one who took care of Bo, she was more of a motherly figure and he responded to her stimulus up to the point of having complex conversations about life and death.
Yet, Bo was a very withdraw individual as he barely spoke to anyone else in the hospital.

The people said he was going to be all his life inside the walls of the hospital, maybe they were right because he was, "there". Around May 19th of 1969 Miss Tram just faded away. She didn't left any clues about her whereabouts, her family was worried but eventually they left her for death. No corpse was found or any possible records that she changed her identity to escape any abuse from her family life as well any strains on her financial records.
The only clue was from Bo himself and yet was vague as the man didn't spoke more than ten words.
- Nurse Linda is in a better place. That's the only thing he said whenever he got questioned.
But, why suddenly the interest on a nurse that vanished from Earth and a man who was possible a mentally challenged individual.? The answer was a simple one, because it wasn't the first time someone close to Bo faded out from existence.

The first case were two physicians who worked with him when he was 16 years old, they faded in 1954 after giving him a powerful dose of cyclopropane in order to doze him completely yet the anesthetic didn't stopped him, because his schizophrenia turned worse, only saying that the punishment of the titans was going to drop on Earth by the hands of the fallen.
The staff was completely stunned by the words he said, they made some sense to some of the people but to others it was just some random crazy talk.
Doing some more research, there was some information on the archives of the sanitarium where the date that Bo came to the clinic in August 9 of 1945. The same date Nagasaki was bombed.
Who was he.? Why he kept people disappearing systematically.? Who was it.?

At first glance he was a tall man, 7'2'' he could be a varsity basketball player. He had black hair, brown eyes, and really big lips. His mental persona was much of a 10 year old, he was really gentle and he had no really visible genetic and structural abnormalities at plain sight but when he took his shirt he had two visible sprouts on his plate level as if they were wings in development.
The estimate weight was around 370 pounds, but he could be manipulated to anyone's will, it was much as it was a pure soul, with no hate.
Then three years later on 1972 Bo spoke for the first time, he actually spoke a coherent phrase "The titans will arise one more time, and humanity will be vanquished."
What he was speaking about.? The only titans were the ones in mythology. Greek, Judeo-Christian, Muslim, Taoist, Buddhist  and the list goes and goes. Mythological beings, not human, only part of the lore, only part of the belief and the legends of every creed.
Why every creed has tales of giants.? Tales of titans, tales of powerful beings that vanquished forgotten civilizations by today's society. David and Goliath being the most well known around the globe but yet what were the meaning of his words. Why suddenly he started to speak.?

Then on January the 1st of 1973 Bo just disappear as much of the people around him. The hospital was suddenly vanished from existence; and the worst happened. Earth was engulfed by a light that came from space; some people and some agencies said it was a white dwarf that her explosion reached Earth.
The event brought the titans to Earth, it brought what some people call the fallen ones, the Nephilims, the Sons and Daughters' of Anunnaki. It brought them as Bo said, it brought the beasts who were human and children from heavens.
They were hungry for flesh, but that's not the worse because it seemed they were among us way before we would were aware. Regular humans in appearance started to mutate, to change, to show their true selves. They were as tall as 36' and they were brute, they were strong, they were relentless.

It was the day of the end, where the last figments of humanity hid underground in order to escape the giants. Bo was nowhere to be found, he was probably with his own people but yet he was probably someplace else as his behavior was very different from the other Nephilim, yet why we didn't listen, why.?