Tuesday, August 6, 2013

From Tampa with Love, or Tales of the Bay

Mosaic of Tampa Bay Landmarks
Tampa, (Fl) --- Why if there is too much to do around the Bay there is always nothing to do at the same time.? There is a perfect setting around Tampa Bay to write an urban novel about the city itself much as Armistead Maupin wrote Tales of the City around another Bay area.

Yet, loneliness seems to be a common factor between the fictional characters and life in the Bay; even if there are a lot of things to do, much of the time I found myself alone doing them.

Some people said "It's better to be alone than with bad companies," maybe they are right, maybe they don't know better; but sometimes it just get boring to be with me, myself and I just going where the winds take me.

There is so much to do around the Bay that doesn't cost money, yet trying to find a companion to hang out with seems to cost more than just a ticket to any of the small museums such as the Tampa Bay Photography Museum or a ticket to the trolley's. Maybe I dream as James Bond adventure where two civilizations clash with each other and part of the dead romanticism of the Cold War brings element of a fantastic story that on a real ground would never happen.

Treasure Island, Fl
What to write that is not focused on a stupid love story that at the end it didn't worked because all the characters grew out bored of each other.? We are not in the 70's and there is no idealism by the year 2013 about some old concepts of courtship; maybe there is no real concept about love, and that could be a central point to incorporate into a writing.

Maybe it could start at starry night, across the street from a restaurant located only one step away from a beach that music plays on every Sunday. Two lovers united by time and distance, find themselves that they grew apart because after their story there was not a happy ending, just a crude reminder of a urban life that will trap you or will free you from any chains.

Maybe, Facebook could be an unifying factor of the story. Where a double life is lived because of fear, just in order to keep the appearances but technology instead of uniting just separates more the two people. Then we could add the supporting cast composed by eccentric, lonely but yet lovable individuals and there could be a formula for a really good novel not far away from reality. A novel that won't tell the tell of a spy but rather where to find love in a metropolis and survive the loneliness of being surrounded by people.