Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Justice System in The United States is a Media Circus and Florida System is as Weak

Sanford, Fl
Tampa, (Fl) --- As a good friend of mine said in order to describe the justice system as well the reactions of people when a case is sensationalized by the media and the collective "Zimmerman being found not guilty is a(n) (terrible/excellent) example of our US justice system. I am (glad/terribly upset) that justice (was/wasn't) served."

The media and the audiences are dual regard everything; but one point of truth is that the United States judicial system is weak; and, the system in Florida really doesn't work because if you can find a way to buy yourself out of any situation then you will be a free man or woman.

The media itself is the biggest responsible to sensationalize everything, still as the days of COURT TV, a good old fashion trial can bring ratings and unify people much as the moment of hate that appear on the novel 1984. The media regards the liberal section or the red section have created a perfect spectacle where people can ventilate everything they hate or fear, a purge in other words. Also with the mix of social media such as Facebook and Twitter we have a perfect combination for an ideological war.

The justice system of Florida it really doesn't work at all, is not perfect and it shouldn't be perfect but it should protect the citizens, I am not going to go on gun control because the Trayvon Martin case is one isolated example where someone got killed by many different factors but yet the so called murdered is a free man, and he is not the only one because in recent time the case of Casey Anthony gave a good example even if the proof are there.

What got the Trayvon Martin case to the national spotlight besides the different factors are the racial cards that were placed to create sensation and ratings on the different television channels as well websites. The murderer and the victim are minorities, two components which people tend to polarize and the media knows they can generate hits towards the position of any tragedy.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin showed that racial sensitives in America are still fragile, not because the case, the case had brought the obvious such as comments that Trayvon was surely on drugs because he is black or How long will take for FOX NEWS to realize that George Zimmerman is not white.? also, George Zimmerman is Hispanic-American but President Obama is bi-racial, those little but yet hurtful comments show how much Americans as a whole are polarized towards the race issue, people don't see that we are all equals.

As George Zimmerman I can also be classified in the bi-racial term because I am Hispanic by nationality, but also I am American by nationality, my parents never say they were Hispanic and in legal documents they showed; my ancestors are almost everything in the mix; and my last name is not Hispanic even. Yet, why I would dare to say that I am bi-racial, that I am one thing or the other, I am what I am yet I am a minority because where I was born and because of my accent; I know if something happens the media would be able to scrutinize me only because I am a minority and not because of my achievements or my life.

At the end of the day, almost 17 months later, the reality is that a child is dead, we don't know what problems Trayvon had during his life because the media keeps showing him as a role model but as an old adagio in Spanish No hay muerto malo, mas que vivo sinverguenza (transl. There is not a death who was bad in life, but only an alive men who had no shame) and is true, by now people has a criteria of Trayvon that would be impossible to break even details his parents don't want the media to know surface and there is a clear image of who George Zimmerman is.

Stand your ground has shown to be one of the most idiotic provisions because anyone can get free if they know how tell the story and convince the jury, even if there are proof that you are murderer or a rapist, anyone can get free but if you can't convince no one then you are screwed; but, it has shown how weak the system is because a murderer is walking around us and a kid is dead.