Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Heart Lusts in the Putrefactive Waters of the Dwell

The Heart Lusts in the Putrefactive Waters of the Dwell

By: Gustavo Calvo

The Limbo was the least of my problems; as soon I reached the end of the factory I found a small tiny metal door, around the door there were stone blocks around it. It looked as a sewer, a sewer from Manhattan… I wonder why I imagined Manhattan, maybe it was the place where I was born.? I don't know.
The door let to a small long dark tunnel, I could heard water, there was water coming at the end of the tunnel.
The water was a small pond, that was at the end; I started to run toward the water, I was thirsty, I felt that days had passed, maybe years. I don't know, the time flux inside the second circle felt eternal.

Suddenly I was inside what it was a dungeon, a steam-punk club of fetishes, but it was twisted and sadistic, and all the souls where being tortured because of their carnal pleasures that they committed in life. It was the first time that I saw more humanoids demons, they were quite attractive, hunky "leather-daddies" that you could die to spend a night with, but this "daddies" where killing in dead the souls of the people and bringing them back to a quasi-existence of life, where the souls could only ask for more torture.
I started to walk, along the souls and the different chambers, trying to ignore them, trying to go to the exit and go to the next circle.

I been wondering if my senses where numb, if I what I saw in the different circles such as the second one, it was a product of my sensuous nature or just an illusion of my deep repressed sexual desires.
Reality is such a tramp, even in the afterlife because it's impossible to know what are you going to face.

A familiar voice was calling me, my name was Jonas, I firmly believe my name was Jonas and not something else. I started to walk towards the voice, I was feeling fear because with my memories shattered and barely remembering who I was,  I couldn't remember who I met before during my lifetime.
A memory appeared and tears were bring to my eyes, I saw someone I loved dearly, his name was Yeshua. Memories of my life suddenly came and a small crucifix appeared around my hand, a small crucifix that was formed because of my tears.

Yeshua was a shadow of who he was in life, he was naked, still sporting a hairy body from head to toes, and the same innocent sad face with a melancholic smile. I couldn't believe it, I wanted to touch him, to kiss him but the demon that was torturing and ripping his flesh apart threw me to one of the walls of the room.
I went again, I jumped but I got impaled on my rib, I didn't felt anything, I just wanted to save him from that eternal torture.

It was an illusion because it broke as a weak window; the demon was torturing someone else. I wanted to cry, I started to, it was terrible to see such an illusion as something real. I started to panic because I felt that hell could really drag me beyond limbo. I was walking in the circles without a noble cause beyond why I ended up there.?

The demon didn’t changed in appearance, I realized that hell sensory perception is taken up to the condemned ones. I was worried because what I was watching could be on my own perception but at the same time it was a shared one as the demons leather-daddy type appearance didn't changed at all.
I was sobbing, I wanted to scream and curse God itself.
Then, I opted to sit down and eat one of Desiree's snacks, there was a little room near where I saw the illusion that had nobody, I wondered if that was reserved for me, but it was just empty and decorated in a fancy way, with a really nice vanity and a beautiful mirror.

I could heard the voices from the demons, I could heard on other rooms of the level I was other people in deadly ecstasies, a deadly sexual ecstasies. A voice started to whispered, out of nowhere, I look at the mirror and it was Desiree herself.
- Jonas, you had reached the second circle of Hell, the lust that you see is only a reflection of the sinners of this circle, you shouldn't be there for too long or you will be consumed by the sexual pleasures.
- Madame, I am in pain after being here, my soul, my essence, is being tortured.
- I know what you saw, you saw the person you treasured the most in life. He is OK, I know that, he is alive, trust me. Satan in his infinite evil won't be able to take a soul that if filled with love, there has been where he was placed a pure soul I here just for his consumption. Be aware of the lower levels as the illusions get distorted and the torture of any transitory of permanent soul has no escape.
- How do I go out from the second circle.?
- Don't surrender yourself to meaningless flesh, there is love and there is lust, lust will bring sadness.

Her words vanished as well her reflection, I didn't felt alone as I was before because I knew I had a guide through the passages of Hell and to the answers I was looking for.
The visages of the second circle were more complex than I imagine, I realized that it was modeled after a series of consecutive catacombs, much as the ones you found in Paris, France. I feel I had seen photos of Paris.
There was a lot of screams, sexual pain around; outside of the catacombs the panorama was almost surreal, almost impossible because it was a valley, a valley in the middle of an underground complex. How it was even possible.?
The valley had a lot of strong winds around, there were parts that were underwater, there were people chained in the different bodies of water screaming in agony.

The trees were dying, everything was grey, the water was blue, a really dark blue; under the water there were more bodies, every single one of them chained but opposite to the catacombs there were no demons giving "pleasure" to the damned.
I started to walk slowly, trying to avoid any contact with the water. I realized there was a small edification in the middle of the valley, it looked as a small fortification.
The fortification was surrounded by a lake, the lake as the other water bodies it contained more souls.
- Hello, I said when I went inside the fortification. There was an eerie silence until a female voice ask me to keep walking and follow the staircase, she said my name in a heavy German accent and that she was waiting for me.
The small fortification was somber, everything was in ruins, all the furniture completely destroyed. There were feces on the floor, it look like rat feces.

I found the staircase at the end of the corridor, it was as lugubrious as the rest of the place; I went upstairs and there were several doors in the second floor. There was a balcony open where I had a better view of the valley, it was creepy, almost an scenario from my worst nightmares.
As soon as I turned back, the inside of the fort was changed, it reflected the cyber punk fantasy I saw earlier; and a woman and a man were standing behind me.
- Who are you.? I said. I couldn't stop watching them, they were beautiful from head to toes.
- I am Susan.
- I am Patrick.
- Hello Susan and Patrick; nice to meet you, I am Jonas.
- Jonas, do you have a last name.? Patrick asked.
- I can't remember, I am sorry.
Susan started to walk in close proximity to me, while Patrick kept his distance. Both had brown-reddish hair and were pale as snow. I was mesmerized by such physical beauty.
- Jonas, welcome to our little home in the underworld. Is not much what we can offer but you more than welcome to stay with us, we haven't got a visitor in such a long time.
I smile but I was fearful as I was terrified to end as the victims of the sex catacomb or the chained ones in the water. She replied not to worry, she explain that beside where I came, the rest of the circle was relatively peaceful.
They offer me a guest room which I reluctantly accepted.

The room was beautiful, almost surreal, it didn't look as Desiree's apartment, it was fancy. I think a few days passed, I became calmer about my situation but my memories where destroying my essence as I couldn't remember anything.

I started to walk around the fortification, looking for a clue on how to escape. Nothing, there was nothing, I was trapped in the second circle and I was going insane. Susan appeared out of nowhere.
- Jonas, you don't mind if I keep you company for a little bit.?
- No ma'am, I appreciate you for letting me stay over here.
- How did you ended in hell.?
- I don't know Susan, I don't really remember.
- Amnesia is really common when you transition from life to death. There is a moment where you will remember everything; but, when you go through Acheron.
- The elevator. I muttered. She wasn't aware of what I said.
- Everyone experiences hell in a different fashion but also hell mutates, it evolves as many souls are claimed here. You see, when I came with my brother.
- Your brother.? I interrupted.
- Yes, Patrick is my brother but also is my lover.
I was in shock, I wasn’t expecting that.
- Now you know why we ended in the second circle, because of your lust and our actions while we were alive. We were lovers and society ostracized our relationship because it was taboo. Taboo is a difficult topic we were brother, we are brother but we didn't knew it until I was pregnant with our first child.
Suddenly the reality that I was seeing in the Second Circle was broken and Susan was a rotten walking corpse surrounded by countless of demon child.

I start running away from her sight, trying to hide, trying to survive but then when I thought I was saved for a moment Patrick found me. The fort and everything else started to collapse, the wind grew stronger and there was a blue typhoon around everything, around us. The souls that were punished in the water were floating around, bumping at each other and screaming; the only physical evidence was a little island where the fort was and the trail that connected to the valley.

In the middle of the island Patrick and Susan where holding hands and smiling while the whirlwind of souls were floating around them. Both started to walk towards me, their appearances became more demonic in nature. I start to run out to nowhere. I didn't knew where to go. I started to worry and suddenly I realized Patrick and Susan started to levitate, they were the hell lords of the second circle and I was their prey.

I started to have visions about their live. They were sibling born a long time ago in Germany. I was running and feeling dizzy because of the visions of the siblings. They had kids, four of them, they died at a young age and when the siblings died also, they tried to recreate their lives on Earth.
I couldn't run any further and Patrick grabbed me, he wasn't human anymore, he didn't had a vestige of his humanity. He was just something else as well Susan. They transformed into gruesome bat creatures. They were screeching, yelling, they were beasts.

While I was trying to reach the tunnel, I found a spear that I didn't noticed before, probably it came to his place because of the destruction of the illusion of the Second Circle. The couple fly to me one more time, and I ended up impaling them.  The whirlwind started to block my sight, everything turned blue as the visage in the valley and I don't knew where I was.