Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Heart Desire's in the Infinite Prison Walls

The Heart Desire's in the Infinite Prison Walls

By: Gus Calvo

- I don't remember how I got there or how long I had been there; I barely remembered my name, - I was Jonas, at least that was the name I remembered.
The building was a tall as an "Ivory Tower" in the middle of the Dubai desert; but, it was falling apart, there was no bottom as far as my sight could tell but there was an outside, an outside that looked as a paradise.
I wonder where I was, I realized I was in cell 208-Z, and that the floor was only 1,000 ft2 divided with a balcony where you could see the top of the building as well the shadows of the lower levels. The floor where I was, was floor 15; there were merely 25 cells on my level, each of them almost looking the same.

The environment seemed to be similar to a post apocalyptic movie of a road warrior that I saw many moons ago; I wonder if there was someone else in my floor, I wanted to scream - Hello.! - to see if someone else would reply me.  I opted to not as I was scared I would found something else, something none human.
Around the floor, not far away from my cell door there was an elevator, it camouflaged much as the other doors of the floor, next to it there where two sets of doors, one seemed to be locked; the other one, adjacent to it, let to a small corridor full of stairs that where almost in the vestiges of shadows.

The elevator was cranky and rusty but it worked perfectly, the brand was Acheron and the manufacturer was Charon. The place was maybe made by humans as I recognized the names from the place but yet what kind of government or corporation would made such Behemoth.?
I don't know, it was such a strange place even if I didn't left the gates from where I entered. As soon as I stepped inside the elevator, I could heard some voices coming from the upper levels; they were so weak that I could barely hear them.
They sound as children playing and they seem to be around 3 levels above my door. Level 18th was exactly similar as my gate, not very different but yet it seemed well maintained. I kept listening to the voices, sure they were children, but where they were hiding.?
I realized they were behind they floor's locked door; opposite to the door in my floor, this one had a small window and I saw what was behind; behind the door there were another set of stairs, they look abandoned and they look more industrial than the one adjacent to it.
It made me wonder, why two set of stairs and if the building that I was trapped was the only one.? I couldn't know but my curiosity almost killed me because I saw a demonic in appearance kid trying to smash the glass with no avail.
- Don't open the door.! A female voice screamed.
- I am not going to.! I screamed back.

The women who screamed at me, was tiny, almost 5'' 4, she was chubby with black curly hair and her skin white as a porcelain. Her name as she said was Desiree and she requested me to follow her to her little piece.
Her little piece was different from the ones in my floor, it look much as an apartment that was beautiful decorated with Greek-Tunisian motives, explaining to me that her father was a Romantic composer that his last name was Sousa but she couldn't remember his first name or even if Desiree was her first real name.
I was wondering why her cell was completely different from the outside walls.? Then she explained.
- You are probably wondering where are you.
- Yes; this place, I can't remember anything yet it seems so real.
- It is real, it's more dangerous than the world of the living, but we are not on Earth, as far as I can think, I think we are in Hell, in the first circle that is called Limbo.

I was astounded by the revelation, so I died, or at least I could be in a coma, I didn't knew how to react to this piece of information. I was in Limbo, the first circle of Hell, then I wondered if what I saw outside from the window was Paradise.? Maybe.? I don't know but yet when I approached the window near Desiree's living room I realized I saw the same image I saw early, I was outside, I was outside Limbo for just a mere second.

The outside seemed so surreal, so beautiful and pristine, yet I was inside the building and I was fearful if I jump I wasn't going to be escape the nightmare I suddenly realize I was.

Desiree ask me if I was hungry, she made some dumplings; I couldn't refuse as I didn't remembered the last time I ate something or what I actually ate. The little dining room next to big window was pristine and lovely as the rest of the cell or should I say apartment.
I asked her, how she did it, how she found the place and everything else inside the infinite walls. She only replied that they appeared every time she dream about them. I was wondering how do you dream in death,? Maybe you dreamt about life.
So, she dreamt about everything and her cell expanded or maybe she was going to ascend to Purgatory and maybe later Heavens, maybe she got forgiveness but yet my path was starting and I knew I had to find a way to escape.

- I apologize. She said.
- No worries. I replied.
- I would like to know your name.
- I think Jonas, is the only name I can remember. She smiled as soon as I replied to her question.
She invited me to stay and rest at least for a couple of hours if wanted to get out of the first circle of hell. I was wondering if there were more people around here. She said yes, there were more individuals than us around the cells but to be cautious of the infidel children.

I realized that the little demon I saw on the blocked path was one of them. One infidel child as Desiree call it but I remembered reading something else, somewhere, un-baptized children, children who died without proper rituals to pacify their pure souls from the evil that is between Heavens and Earth.
I wonder if I came from the other staircase up to the place I was resting,? I wanted to explore Hell as far as I could but at the same time I wanted to find a route to escape.

I started walking around the floor near Desiree's unit, trying to find other people but I had no luck, we were alone in the floor. The elevator wasn't working either, I wanted to go back to floor 15 to see if I could find a few items but I gave up.

I went back to Desiree's and ask her if I could grab a few stuff, I wanted to go back downstairs but I didn't  want to go unarmed after my little encounter with the child-demon. She gave me a knife, a blanket, a few strings of rope and some snacks she made while I was asleep.
- My child, whenever you pass the forbidden door you will be in the real level of limbo. Sometimes the unholy children walk from those doors, it rarely happens, I've seen them twice.
The children are as bee's when they attack an individual, I've sheltered a few lost souls in the past that they tried to find their way to redemption and they were vanished into the darkness of the lower floors.
I had been there twice and escaped twice, but some others weren't so lucky as Virgilio. My lover, the one who tried to rescue myself and he got devoured by those little monsters.

Her words struck down my deepest fears because it means other people had tried and the darkness ate them. Desiree didn't escorted me to the door, instead she barricade herself until I closed the door from the other side in case a little child escaped. Suddenly the floor look like the other ones, a cold prison like place.

The inner staircase was different from the rest of the other building, suddenly I realized the possibility that there was another realm, another edification just adjacent to the first circle entrance. The stairs where industrial, as an old abandoned factory, the kling from the metals resonated everywhere. I could hear machinery coming from a lower floor.

There were no screams or anything if I was the only individual on that side. My soul started to freeze in fear, then I realized I probably could be dead. As I kept walking down, I noticed there weren't other doors that linked to the other side, it was one long staircase, similar as an emergency one.
Then, I heard babies crying, I felt fear for the first time in my existence. It sounded spectral, they sounded in pain. I pull out the knife and then I saw the first little creature coming near me, it was blue, almost cadaveric, it had red eyes, it was almost human but at the same time it wasn't.

It approached to me slowly, smiling, waving his arms as I was some kind of parents. He was thinking, she was thinking, I don't know if It was a boy or a girl but my suspicious were right, It said in a creepy tone, - Mommy - while smiling and then it jumped in a rampage against me. I stabbed the little beast.