Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kill George Zimmerman

Kill George Zimmerman
Tampa, (Fl) --- There is a little Facebook group who is gaining more followers, and as every Facebook group you can find that human morale is almost at the same level of Marvel or DC masked vigilantes.

The name of the group is Kill George Zimmerman which everyone knows that the man killed Trayvon Martin on 2012 and because of Florida's weak law system, the guy is free on a technicality; inciting violence is not the answer for anything.

The group seems to be conformed by "angry" people but yet, these "angry" individuals by the way they write they can express themselves as gangstas while their grammar can say the opposite as well personal photos that they come from more a wealthy background.

If they would like to create a change they wouldn't gather to incite the death of someone, if they do and try to execute anything then these people who are wishing the death of someone will be exactly as the person they are hating. Please report the group to Facebook if you have an account.