Sunday, July 14, 2013

23 People Injured in San Fermin... The More the Merrier

San Fermin Chupinazo
Tampa, (Fl) --- To whoever don't know what the San Fermin Celebrations are, that person is a neophyte but in case you don't know it is one of the most popular celebrations in the Basque Region of Pamplona to honor the co-patrone of Navarre San Fermin; but yet even if we go further on the sociological and historical implications of the celebration why the fuck a so called religious festival ended up as a celebration for thrill seekers and a little bit disorder, as well along animal abuse because what San Fermin is known best is the running of the bulls.

Robert Thackaberry (28), Injured
So far on the penultimate day, 23 people so far, had been injured because of the idiotic idea that is fun to run along among a pack of bulls who had been scared and abused before sending them of a rampage; we should be happy that at least the bulls and steers defended themselves and tried to escape.

Maybe as every year that pass, there are certain "traditions" that should be re-evaluated because they are just hurting or killing idiots that go to seek thrills or people that believe is OK to use animals and kill themselves in name of family or communal history.

Robert Thackaberry, an engineer from Dublin, was among a group of 18 friends from Dublin and Scotland who travelled to Pamplona on a stag week-end for his friend, Dublin gym owner Rob Smyth.
It was feared that Mr Thackaberry (28) had been critically injured in the chaos that engulfed this morning’s running of the bulls, part of the festival of San Fermin.
Rob Smyth told "We all got back to the a cafe after the bull run thankful we had escaped with our lives but Robert wasn’t with us. Then we saw the repeated TV footage of him being brought out from the crush. He was blue.”
Runners were trampled on in a massive crush at the entrance to the bull ring as the animals they were trying to escape from tried to climb over them from behind.
The 28-year-old Irishman was initially described as “serious” with asphyxia caused by crush injuries to his chest.
Two Americans; one identified by full name Patrick Eccles (20), a student from the University of Utah and an unidentified American who has been identified by the initials I.L (35) where among the injured. I.L. had rectal perforation and is going under surgery this upcoming Saturday according to the Navarra Goverment; the second American individual there is not much information regard that his prognosis is favorable.

Maybe the health system and the doctors paychecks are linked to the traditions that people get hurt, and is a system that no one within the government or the health, such as in the case of Navarre, where no one would like to mess with those "Traditions" because not only bring money to the healthcare system but also to the tourism industry.

Maybe is true, traditions generate a form of revenue based on people's passion.